Ports Of Call: Photos Of St. Thomas

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What a wonderful weekend!  The people of St. Thomas rolled out the red carpet and made everyone aboard the TS Kennedy feel welcome. 

Cadets and crew members explored every inch of the island's 32 square miles.  Many cadets also explored the nearby island of St. John.   

The cadets were eager to share their photos with the students participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program.  They hope that you feel like you were right there with them.   

They hope you enjoy scrolling through their photos.

four cadets hold one male cadet by shore
group photo - all males, one woman
ship on front page of newspaper
cadets with surfboards
cadets pushing taxi
cadet sleeping on beach after pushing taxi
st thomas group of cadets
cadets at beach
cadets at beach
cadets at beach
St. Thomas scenery
five cadets pose on rocks
cadets pose at restaurant
cadets pose at restaurant
cadets in boat
three cadets on the beach
two cadets
cadets in a tree
selfie of male cadet near beach
cadets on beach
cadets on ship
coral world sign
cadet with older couple
cadet on beach
cadet standing next to sign on beach
cadets at lookout point
cadets on a tour
St. Thomas scenery
cadet on  beach
cadets pose on  beach
cadets pose on beach
St. Thomas scenery
newspaper with ship on front page
two female cadets underwater snorkeling
St. Thomas scenery
four cadets by welcome sign
cadets on boat
six heads bobbing in the ocean
6 cadets on beach
photo of beach
photo of beach
water park cadets jumping off platform
small boys admiring cruise ship

Good-bye, St. Thomas!

We will return!

  • photo of beach