Ports Of Call: Learn To Speak Papiamento, One Of Aruba's Two Official Languages

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Papiamento is one of the two official languages of Aruba.  It is a Portuguese-based Creole language.  Our cadets will hear Papiamento spoken throughout the island.  

Papiamento has 9 vowels and 22 consonants.  Here is the alphabet.

Vowels in Papiamento
Papiamento Consonants

Are you ready for your first Papiamento lesson?  Let's learn to say, Welcome!

Teachers, this word is for you!  Rather than asking your students to listen, try saying it in Papiamento

Let's learn to say the word hug!  Won't your family members be surprised when you try it out at home this weekend.

You can be sure that the cadets will use this phrases as they watch the sunset into the ocean.  Learn to say, beautiful view.

Do you like eating fish?  If so, learning to say, fresh fish will come in handy.  The cadets will be using this phrase when they visit local restaurants.

Make someone's day!  When you get home from school, tell someone I love you! in your new language.

If you're very happy and you know it, don't just clap your hands, use this phrase.

Whether you are a cadet in Aruba or participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program at your school, there is so much to be thankful.  

Practice saying sweet life in Papiamento.

What's the weather where you are today?  If you're lucky, you can say, The sun is shining.  The cadets will be saying this all weekend.

If you and your classmates practice your Papiamento, please send us a video clip.  Teachers, please send the video clips to ftvsubmissions@maritime.edu.