On Deck: Tie A Lovers' Knot On Valentines Day


There are signs of Valentine’s Day aboard the TS Kennedy, you just need to know where to look!  On their final Sea Term exam, 4/C cadets could be tested on any one of twelve knots. 

1) Figure-8 Knot
2) Square Knot
3) 2-Half-Hitches
4) Clove Hitch
5) Bowline
6) French Bowline
7) Bowline-On-A-Bite
8) Sheep Bend (Becket’s Bend)
9) Double Sheep Bend (Double Becket’s Bend)
10) Fisherman’s Bend (Anchor Bend)
11) Trucker’s Hitch

12) Fisherman’s Knot (Lovers’ Knot)

Did you catch #12?  The Fisherman’s Knot is also called the Lovers’ Knot

knots on whiteboard

A Lovers’ Knot is a bend, a type of knot that joins two lines. 

It is made up of two overhand knots, each tied around the standing part of the other one.

And, it’s symmetrical!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by learning to tie a Lover’s Knot!  If you do, please send us a photo or a video clip of you holding your knot.  You may email your photos and video clips to ftvsubmissions@maritime.edu.

fisherman's knot
how to tie fisherman's knot
Tue Lover's knot directions