On Deck: Meet 1/C Training Rate Jake Broderick (MTRA - Bridgewater, MA)


Meet 1/C Jake Broderick, a Marine Transportation major who calls Bridgewater, Massachusetts home.

Jake attended George H. Mitchell Elementary and Bridgewater Middle School in Bridgewater.  He graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton

Jake wearing MMA shirt

During Sea Term 2023, Jake will be one of eight Training Rates. Jake explained, “My position entails training the underclassmen aboard the cruise. I will give them an introduction to seamanship, as well as a basic idea of what it means to be a deck officer in the Merchant Marine. We go over knot tying, ocean navigation, history of shipping, and some classes about what it takes to drive the ship itself.  I’m looking forward to being able to reach out to some of the freshmen to share with them the enthusiasm that I have for my college major.”

square knot in blue line

This is a list of the twelve knots that all 4/C cadets must master by the end of Sea Term 2023.  Eight of the knots were introduced to cadets as part of their Vessel Familiarization & Boat Safety course last fall.  Four are new.  How many of these knots do you already know how to tie.  Do you think that you can learn all twelve notes by the time that the TS Kennedy returns to Buzzards Bay on February 19th

1.  Figure 8 Knot
2. Square Knot
3. 2-Half-Hitch
4. Clove Hitch
5. Bowline
6. French Bowline
7.  Bowline-On-A-Bite
8. Sheep Bend (Becket's Bend)
9. Double Sheep Bend (Double Becket's Bend)
10. Fisherman's Bend (Anchor Bend)
11. Fisherman's Knot

Jake sends a big hello back to the students and teachers following from his former middle school, Bridgewater Middle School.

white board with names of four new knots on it