On Deck: Mathematics On The Bridge (Grades 3 Or Above)


Mathematics is everywhere aboard the TS Kennedy.  Yesterday, we spotted a chart on the Bridge that we had not noticed before. 

At first, the title of the chart was confusing - Height Of Eye.  Why would you need to calculate that?  After all, your eyes are always the same distance from your feet, right? 

A crew member explained Height Of Eye is not the distance of your eyes from your feet, it’s the distance from your eyes to the surface of the water.

For example, if a cadet was sitting in a kayak, the height of his eyes from the surface of the water would be about 2½ feet.  If he is standing on the deck of the TS Kennedy, however, the distance from his eyes to the water’s surface would be much, much greater.  That is where the formula comes in. 

Height Of Eye = Personal Height + Deck Height - Draft

view of top decks of ship

The chart identifies the following deck heights:

Bridge Height: 79 feet above keel

Navigation Lab Deck: 76 feet above keel

Top Navigation Lab Deck: 85 feet above keel

The draft of the TS Kennedy is 26 feet.

The chart on the Bridge provides the Height of Eye for a person 6 feet tall.

Calculate your Height of Eye if you were standing on the TS Kennedy’s:

A. Bridge: ____________________

B. Navigation Lab Deck: ____________________

C. Top Navigation Lab Deck: ____________________

Use the formula above.  Create a chart to show the results.  Give your chart a title.

We’d love to see a photo of your chart and your calculations. 

Please email your work to ftvsubmissions@maritime.edu.

This is the chart posted on the Bridge.

height of eye chart