On Deck: A Cadet Works On The Gangway Over The Ocean


You’ve seen cadets in the ocean while in port, you’ve seen them on the ocean while aboard the TS Kennedy, but here’s a first.  This cadet is over the ocean as he works on the rigging of the gangway. 

cadet stands on gangway over ocean

Notice that the cadet is wearing a harness that would keep him safe in the event of a fall. 

harnesses hanging on board

The gangway provides a safe way for cadets and crewmember to get from the dock to the ship, and from the ship to the dock.  They must be a minimum of 20 inches wide and have handrails that are a minimum height of 33 inches

The gangway is stored on deck when the ship is at sea.

gangway stored on deck

This is what the gangway looks like when it is secured to the deck.

looking up gangway
ganway close up