Little Buc's Video Vault: A Tour Of The TS Kennedy (2009)

Little Buc

Ahoy, Followers -

In honor of the final voyage of the TS Kennedy as Massachusetts Maritime Academy's training ship, I have been given the key to the video vault.  

What a special honor! 

I explored this dusty place and discovered every video taken aboard our training ship as both the TS Enterprise (2004-2008) and the TS Kennedy (2009 - present).

I have watched each of them at least four or five times and look forward to sharing some of them with you.  

Today's video was created in 2009.  That probably seems like a LONG time ago to you.

Our local newspaper, The Cape Cod Times, visited the TS Kennedy to interview Captain Thomas Bushy, the Master of the training ship at that time.  Captain Bushy was eager to show off improvements that had just been completed on the ship.  You'll enjoy seeing the holds where cadets sleep.  You'll also see the rededication of the ship's Quarterdeck, a central meeting place similar to the lobby of your school.  

You will also see Joseph P. Kennedy III speak at the end of the video.  He was present because the ship's name was being changed from Enterprise to Kennedy in honor of his Uncle Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Kennedy family.  Joseph is the grandson of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy and the great-nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy.  Today, Joseph is the United States Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

A few things have changed since 2001

As you know, Captain Michael Campbell be came the Master of the TS Kennedy in August 2016.  

You will hear Captain Bushy say that every 4/C (freshman cadet) participates in Sea Term.   That was true then.  Now only 4/C cadets majoring in Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, and Facilities Engineering are part of Sea Term.  These 4/C cadets join 3/C cadets and 1/C cadets majoring in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering for the learning adventure at sea.

Are you ready to view this important 6-minute video?

I look forward to sharing more old videos with you!

Your TS Kennedy historian,

Little Buc