Little Buc's Buccaneer Book Club: Pirates Love Underpants by Corine Dema and Artemis Roehrig

Little Buc

Ahoy, Followers –

Welcome to the sixth meeting of Little Buc’s Buccaneer Book Club

Students of all ages are loving my Buccaneer Book Club!  (And some adults have become fans too!)

So far, we’ve read:
Sammy The Seasick Pirate by Janelle Spinger-Willms
Shiver Me Letter: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel
Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty
The Grumpy Pirate
by Corine Dema and Artemis Roehrig
The Treasure Of Pirate Frank
by Mal Peet

Did you miss any of my book club meetings?  Just click on Little Buc’s Adventures to the left and scroll down until you see the two posts with the title, Little Buc’s Buccaneer Book Club.

Today, I am excited to share, Pirates Love Underpants by Corine Dema and Artemis Roehrig.  Are you giggling?  It is a quite funny to be reading a book about underpants, isn’t it?  

As I usually do, I headed to the Bridge to begin my new book and snuggled up on the helm.  

Buc reading book on helm

Then I headed to the Mess Deck.  Hardworking cadets welcomed the opportunity to read about the pirates and have a chuckle.

cadet reading book
cadets with book

This book has twelve pairs of rhyming words.   Be sure to listen for them as you listen for them as the book is read. 

A. quest – chest
B. sail – fail
C. hooray – bay
D. shore – before
E. ridge – bridge
F. night – sight
G. crew – do
H. fantastic – elastic
I. tiptoe – no
J. Arrrrr – far
K. hold – gold
L. place – face

I know that many third, fourth, and fifth grade classes are enjoying my book club meeting.  Even though this book has a silly title, it has a treasure chest of outstanding vocabulary.  Choose one of my solid gold words.  Can you illustrate it on a white board or act it out for your classmates?  Listen for these words in the story.

treasure chest with vocab words

The pirates used a secret treasure map to locate the golden underpants.  A map is different from the nautical charts used by Captain Campbell, the cadets, and the crew of the TS KennedyCharts provide detailed information on hidden dangers to ships.  Maps do not provide information about anything that cannot be seen. Captain Campbell used charts to plot the TS Kennedy’s course as he was preparing for Sea Term 2023. Although the ship has state-of-the art navigation equipment, cadets continue to plot the ship’s progress on paper charts 24-hours each day.

chart on bridge

Wait until you see the colorful pairs of underwear that the pirates fly on their ship!  They resemble the colorful signal flags flown aboard the TS Kennedy

page showing pirate ship
signal flags

Do you remember the packing list that was provided to all cadets prior to the start of Sea Term 2023?  It required cadets to pack white underwear only.  The pirates would not be happy about that.

Okay, are you ready to hear Pirates Love Underpants by Corine Dema and Artemis Roehrig?  Let’s go!

How did you like it?

If you do any activities related to Pirates Love Underpants, please share photos and work samples with me.  Emails may be sent to me at

Here is one activity that a teacher sent me when she heard that we would be reading this book.  You may want to turn this into a mathematics lesson by including a growing or repeating pattern on your pair.  You could also add plane shapes and geometric solids.

teaching center for coloring underpants
underpants  student work

Don’t miss the next meeting of Little Buc’s Buccaneer Book Club on Thursday, February 2nd.  We’ll be reading How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long & David Shannon

Your favorite book-loving pirate,

Your favorite book-loving pirate,
Little Buc