Little Buc's Adventures: Rainbows Spotted

Little Buc

Ahoy, Followers –

One of the highlights of my weekend in St. Thomas was seeing a rainbow.  Over the past month, the cadets and I have observed a few rainbows over the ocean. 

rainbow at sea
rainbow at sea

This was the first time, however, that I was lucky enough to spot one in port during Sea Term 2023.

I just love seeing the arc of color in the sky!  It’s hard to believe that this display  begins when white light is bent as it passes through a droplet of water.   Those bands of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet never seem to hang around long enough, do they?  I guess that’s what makes us look forward to seeing the next rainbow.

Here are three photos that the cadets and I captured of our St. Thomas rainbow.  We never did find the pot of gold that is rumored to be a the end of every rainbow, but the warmth and kindness of the people of St. Thomas more than made up of it. 

rainbow over land and water
rainbow over land and water
rainbow over land and water

Someday, I’d like to see a rainbow from an airplane.  When we view a rainbow from the ground, we see a semi-circle.  When you look down onto a rainbow from the air, you see a full circle.  That’s twice as much color and beauty!

I don’t just love looking at rainbows, I like singing about them too.  Have you heard the song, Rainbow Connection?  It’s one of my favorites!  Sing along with me!

While I am waiting for the next rainbow to appear in the sky, I like to hunt for colors aboard the TS Kennedy

Check out these brilliant presentations that I’ve made:  

rainbow clip art







Unfortunately, my TS Kennedy rainbow is two colors short.  It is almost impossible to find the colors indigo and violet aboard our training ship. 

Would you like to learn about how a rainbow is formed?  Check out this video!

Wishing you a colorful day!

Your favorite rainbow-loving pirate,

Little Buc