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Ahoy, Followers –

I have been saving one of my FAVORITE video clips for you. It was shared with me by 3/C Jacob Thorpe, a Marine Transportation major from Woodland Park, Colorado. You probably feel like you know Jacob after reading his blogs. 

I guarantee that you will LOVE this video clip.  You will DEFINITELY watch it twice.  If you’re like me, you will watch it several times. 

Even if you started your day a little crabby, you will soon be smiling! 

Are…you…ready?  Click on the link below.

Did you LOVE the video clip?  I knew that you would!

ghost crab in sand

You’re probably curious about what kind of crab this is.  He is widely known as a Ghost Crab, but may be called a Sand Crab, a White Crab, or a Mole Crab.

The Ghost Crab’s pale body is the color of Caribbean sand. It is practically invisible when it crawls on the sand and it is mostly active at night.  Even though I DO NOT believe in ghosts, I can understand how this crab earned its name.

It’s a good thing a Ghost Crab doesn’t wear shoes, because it would need 5 pairs.  How many legs can you count on the crab in Jacob’s video clip?  (See, I told you that you would watch the video clip more than once!)  When these legs work together, the Ghost Crab can travel forward, backward and sideways.

Are you wondering whether the crab is a boy or a girl?  You can probably tell by watching the video one more time.  If both of the front claws appear to be the same size, the crab is a girl.  If one of the claws appears to be larger than the other claw, the Ghost Crab is a male.  I am pretty sure that I know.  What do you think?

What captivated me about the Ghost Crab was its large black eyes.  I felt like it was staring at me.   The Ghost Crab’s eyes are supported on stalks, helping it see in every direction. Their good eyesight allows them to spot their prey at a distance, and have time to escape from its enemies before they get too close.     The Ghost Crab’s eyes are also very sensitive to changes in light. 

Just in case you’re still feeling crabby, here are a few of my favorite Ghost Crab jokes.

Why did the Ghost Crab keep all of the seaweed to itself?
Because it was shellfish!

Did you hear about the Ghost Crab that went to the gym?
He pulled a mussel!

How do Ghost Crab get around on land?
They use the sidewalk!

How much salt do Ghost Crabs like on their food?
Just a pinch!

How does a Ghost Crab answer the phone?

Here's one that I made up myself.  I hope you like it!

What is a Ghost Crab's favorite holiday?

Be sure to share this crab videos with your friends and family.  It will brighten their day.

Thanks again to 3/C Jacob Thorpe for sharing this video with us. 

Your favorite Ghost Crab-loving pirate, 

Your favorite Ghost Crab-loving pirate,
Little Buc