Captain's Log Bonus: A 2nd Captain Campbell Aboard The TS Kennedy

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In the hours leading up to the departure, there was not one, but TWO Captain Campbells aboard the TS Kennedy.

Both Captain Campbells were both spotted in the Crew Mess, in the Master's Suite, and on the Bridge.At first, crew members and cadets thought they were seeing double and considered heading over to Sick Bay to get checked out.  

When they stopped and took a closer look, they realized that one Captain Campbell appeared to be a "few years" younger than the other.

That's when they realized that the second Captain was actually Christian Campbell, the first Captain Michael J. Campbell's son. 

Christian Campbell has grown up not only hearing stories about "Daddy's Ship", but also spending time on board.  He has even had a few sleepovers in the Master's Suite.  Christian is also the only person invited to sit in the Captain's chair on the Bridge.  

The Bridge was a busy place on Sunday morning.  Crew members, cadets on watch, and Regimental Ship Commander, Bobby Sirois were standing by.  There was one big job that needed to be done before departure - test the ship's whistle in three different locations.  Captain Michael J. Campbell looked over the talented mariners before him and chose the person best suited for the duty.  Of course, it had to be done done by Captain Christian Campbell.  

When it was time for the gangway to be removed and the lines to be released, Christian had to say goodbye to his dad, and hurry down the gangway with his mom and his sister, Kyrie.  You can be sure, however, that the spirt and energy of young Captain Christian Campbell will linger aboard the TS Kennedy throughout Sea Term 2023.

Tomorrow, Captain Christian Campbell will have a lot to tell his third grade class at Narragansett Elementary School in Narragansett, Rhode Island The class is participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program.  

Let's take a look at Captain Christian Campbell's Sunday aboard the TS Kennedy.

captain with son
Here are the two Captain Campbells - Captain Michael Campbell and Captain Christian Campbell.

son tries on captains hat
Captain Christian Campbell enjoyed trying on his dad's hats while holding his dad's trademark blue coffee cup.

son tries on captains hat
This is a very special hat. Under the embroidered image of the TS Kennedy, is the ship's call sign; K V M U.

captains son points to ship's plan
Captain Christian Campbell points to key locations on the ship's plan.

captain's son goes down stairs
Captain Christian Campbell has learned his way around the TS Kennedy.

captain at desk, son standing next to it
While Captain Michael Campbell took care of some last minute business at his desk, Captain Christian Campbell talked with Little Buc.

bridge of ship
With less than two hours to Departure, the Bridge was a busy place.  The cadets and crew were excited to see that there were being joined by TWO Captain Campbells.

bridge of ship
cadet on bridge
Bobby on bridge
Regimental Ship Commander Bobby Sirois was beaming.  Not only was it Departure Day, there was a special guest on the Bridge.  

son in captain's chair
Captain Christian Campbell is the only person that Captain Michael Campbell is willing to share his chair with.  The cadets seemed a bit envious.

son in captains chair
son in captain's chair with Bobby
son with Bobby
Captain Christian Campbell is the only person that Captain Michael Campbell is willing to share his chair with.  The cadets seemed a bit envious.

captain's family
Captain Campbell was thrilled to have part of his large family with him on the Bridge.  In addition to Captain Christian Campbell, he was joined by his wife, Joyce, and his daughter Kyrie.

Christian at helm.
After a firm reminder, "Don't touch any buttons.  Everything is turned on." , Christian stood at the helm.


Christian at helm.
"Dad, are you sure that you don't want me to take this ship all the way to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico for you?  I am sure that my teacher would understand!"
Christian with binoculars
Opposite the Captain's chair is a wooden box where the Captain's binoculars are kept.  The box is labeled so that other cadets and crew members do not use them.  Captain Christian Campbell wanted to try them out.

Captain with son
The two Captains paused to exchange some advice.
captain hugs son
The two Captains paused to exchange some advice.

Here are some brief video clips of Christian sounding the ship's whistle.