Cadet Spotlight: My Commercial Shipping Experience - 1/C Griffin Baker (MENG - Marblehead, MA)


As we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we shine a spotlight on a ship named to honor decorated World War II veteran and civil rights activist, Medgar Evers. Evers was assassinated at his home on June 12, 1963.  That day, Martin Luther King spoke to the media, “The brutal murder of Medgar Evers came as shocking and tragic news to all people of good will.”

Medgar Evers

1/C Griffin Baker served aboard the USNS Medgar Evers last winter for his commercial shipping assignment.  The ship is part of the Navy's Combat Logistics Force known as Military Sealift Command. The mission of the USNS Medgar Evers is to deliver ammunition, provisions, dry stores, refrigerated food, spare parts, potable water, and diesel and jet fuel to United States Navy and allied ships while at sea.   

Cadet Baker in the dark
Cadet Baker welding
Cadet Baker on ship
Cadet Baker on ship

When asked how the USNS Medgar Evers differed from the TS Kennedy, Griffin replied, ‘’It was a diesel electric plant, meaning all of the ship's power is integrated together, including propulsion and hotel loads.”

Here are some side-by-side comparisons of the two ships:
TS Kennedy: 
length: 540 feet    USNS Medgar Evans: length: 689 feet
How much longer is the USNS Medgar than the TS Kennedy?

TS Kennedy:  width: 76 feet    USNS Medgar Evans: beam: 106 feet
How much wider is the USNS Medgar than the TS Kennedy?

TS Kennedy:  draft: 28 ½ feet    USNS Medgar Evans: draft: 32 feet
How does the draft of the USNS Medgar compare with the draft of the TS Kennedy?