Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Charlotte Sanfason (MTRA - Franklin, MA)


Meet 4/C Charlotte Sanfason, a Marine Transportation major from Franklin, Massachusetts, home to the country's first public library.  One hundred sixteen of Franklin Public Library’s first books were donated by Benjamin Franklin in 1790

Charlotte attended Helen Keller Elementary School and Annie Sullivan Middle School, and Franklin High School.

Charlotte grew up spending her summers on a lake in Maine.  She is drawn to the water and has a love for adventure.  During the summer, she works as a boat captain for the Maine Department Of Environmental Protection on a milfoil harvesting operation.  Milfoil is
a submerged invasive aquatic plant with olive green feathered leaves that can form dense mats at the water’s surface.  Charlotte is the first female boat captain in this position.  Her responsibilities include supervising a diving team, as well as managing the machinery on the boat.   It only seems natural for her to choose to choose a career at sea. 

Charlotte is eager for the TS Kennedy to depart on Sunday.  She sends a big hello to the students following in Maine, her summer home.  Charlotte also encourages all female students to consider a career at sea.

Would you like to learn more about milfoil, the invasive aquatic plant that Cadet Sanfason harvests?  Click on one of the videos below.

Eurasian Water-Milfoil

Milfoil Has Been Almost Completely Removed From One Maine Lake


  • Young Charlotte is wearing a sailor dress.