Cadet Spotlight: Meet 3/C Troy Bockman (MTRA - Groveland, MA)


Meet 3/C Troy Bockman, a Marine Transportation major from Groveland, Massachusetts!

Troy attended Bagnall Elementary School, Pentucket Regional Middle School, and Penntucket Regional High School.

When asked how her son developed his love of the ocean, Troy’s proud mom explained, Troy went on a cruise to the Caribbean when he was thirteen.  That was when he realized the ocean was so amazing and seemingly endless.  Later, in high school, he enjoyed taking his small 8 HP skiff down the Merrimack River and out to the ocean.  It was certainly scary at times and he captained that boat like a pro!”

She continued, “Troy spent a major part of his summers at our family lake house on Pine River Pond, Wakefield, New Hampshire.  From a young age, he loved boating, especially driving the boat - with supervision of course!  He also enjoyed kayaking at the lake and local rivers.”

When Troy was in 10th grade, he came home from school and told his parents that a representative from Massachusetts Maritime Academy had visited his high school.  Troy thought that MMA sounded like a college that would guarantee him an exciting career.

Troy’s mom summed it up, “We visited and the rest was history!”

Troy is sending some Caribbean sunshine back to all student follower who have visited or navigated the Merrimack River which flows through New Hampshire and Massachusetts or spent time at Pine River Pond in Wakefield, New Hampshire.    

baby troy in a pool on a float
baby troy on a boat
troy in a life jacket
Was Troy already dreaming of becoming the Captain of a ship?