Cadet Spotlight: Meet 3/C Jacob Thorpe (MTRA - Woodland Park, CO)


Meet 3/C Jacob Thorpe, a Marine Transportation major who calls Woodland Park, Colorado home.  Woodland Park, which sits at 8,465 feet above sea level, is known as the “City Above The Clouds”.  Mark’s hometown boasts incredible views of Pikes Peak from nearly all angles.

Jacob attended Gateway Elementary School and Woodland Park Middle School.  He graduated from Woodland Park High School

 You might wonder just how a boy surrounded by mountains developed a love of the ocean. Jacob At the age of four, Jacob went on his first Disney Cruise and was hooked. His love continued to deepen when his family purchased an oceanfront home on St. Thomas, part of the United States Virgin Islands

While spending time at his Papa’s cabin in Minnesota, Jacob strengthened his love of boating. The two enjoyed plenty of time out on the water together.

Determined to pursue a degree in Marine Transportation, Jacob applied to several maritime colleges.  When he saw Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s campus, he knew that it was the place for him. 

Jacob is excited to be a blogger for Sea Term 2023! Watch for twice-weekly updates on what it’s like to learn, work, and live on a 540-foot training ship at sea.  Don’t miss a single one of Jacob’s posts!

Jacob is sending out a warm welcome to all of the students who are participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program, especially those from his home state of Colorado.  He is very excited to have students following from his former elementary school, Gateway Elementary School.  The Centennial State will also be represented by students from Colorado Springs, Columbine, Fort Carson, and Loveland

Would you like to take a quick trip to Cadet Thorpe's hometown?  Check out this video of Woodland, Park, Colorado!  How is it similar to your hometown?  How is your hometown different from Woodland Park?

At age four, Jacob was introduced to ship travel when his family took him on a Disney Cruise.  However, there are many differences between his Disney ship and the TS Kennedy.   Cadets are reminded that Sea Term 2023 is NOT a pleasure cruise. 

Watch this brief time-lapse video of a Disney Cruise.  Can you spot 5 or more things that Jacob definitely will NOT see or experience aboard the TS Kennedy?

Jacob and his dad in front of a pirate ship.