Cadet Spotlight: The Bags Are Finally Zipped


Finally!  The sea bags are packed and zipped! 

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy!

Many cadets weren’t successful on their first packing attempt.   It was clear that several required items weren’t going to fit.  That’s when the cadets unpacked and called for some assistance.  Parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings chipped in.  Clothes were tightly rolled and items were tucked inside sneakers and shoes.  One cadet even secured the rolled items with elastics to hold them together.

2/C Gabriella Struss from North Attleboro, Massachusetts admitted that packing was pretty stressful.  “I have always been close enough to home that if I needed anything, I could go back to get it.  When I am at sea, I will be at sea and have to make do without it.”

Let’s take a look some of the zipped sea bags!

cadet with zipped sea bag
cadet with zipped bag
sea bag in back of car
Cadet holding sea bag by car
sea bag with siblings
sea bag with sister
zipped sea bag
Cadet holding heavy seabag with add ons
small child on sea bag
zipped sea bag
family with zipped bag
cadet packing car
cadet with brother
packed sea bag