Cadet Spotlight: Alongside Week Photos From The TS Kennedy


Cadets are kept very busy aboard the TS Kennedy. 

They have been told not to interrupt their work to take a photo or pose for a photo. 

(The photographer has been reminded of that a few times too.)

Here are a few photos taken since cadets boarded the training ship on Monday.

cadets relax on deck
These cadets didn't let the cold winds of Buzzards Bay keep them from relaxing on the Helo Deck when their work was over.  

cadets in mess deck
A snack and a drink in the Mess Deck is just what these cadets needed.

cadet carrying pallet
These cadets were carrying a pallet needed to onload boxes of food.

cadets on watch
Two cadets are always standing watch at the entrance to the Quarter Deck.  They make sure that anyone entering the ship swipes their Massachusetts Maritime Academy ID or receives a guest pass and an escort to where they are going.  The training ship has a tight security system in place.

cadets on watch
These two 1/C cadets are Medical Rates.  They assist the Health Services team.

cadets cleaning
Cadets on Utility keep the ship neat and tidy.  Do you think that they are as enthusiastic about cleaning at home?
group photo on dock
Taking a photo like this may cause the photographer to get scolded.  (True story!)

cadets going up gangway
Take a look at the gangway.  The curved treads take some getting used to, especially when you glance down and see that you are walking over the ocean.

cadets posing
Cadets wear personal protection equipment, called PPE.