Cadet Spotlight: 4/C Chloe Johnson Sends A Shoutout To Her Dad's Class Participating In The FTV-STX Program


“Hello Mr. Johnson’s classes at Saint Joseph’s School in Webster, Massachusetts, who are participating in Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program!  I’m officially off to see and experience new things on my first Sea Term.  I’m so glad that you can be a part of it with me. I’m a Marine Engineering major, and was really interested in science and math at your age.  Hopefully you are, too, and can learn some new things about the ocean and ships from me. 

I’m saying hi, not only to my dad and your science teacher, but also to my sisters Violet (Grade 7) and Maddy (staff). I’ll be looking forward to your questions and hope to visit your classroom when I return in February.  Thanks for following my voyage aboard the TS Kennedy!”

4/C Chloe Johnson

Chloe's athletic photo