Cadet Blog: 4/C Remy Chiep (IMB - Lynn, MA)


Hello, everyone! I just want to say welcome on this journey.  So on January 13th we got to Mayaguez, and we started to drop anchor for the few day.  The best part is we got to see how it was in the Bridge because that was the eyes and ears of the whole operations.

Then after they did the anchoring drills for a few hours, they started to test out the life boats to make sure that they are functional and watched them lowering it down into the water.

The other thing is we had a day called Sunday At Sea.  It got pushed back on to Monday due to a rain storm that happened on Sunday.  They were grilling burgers and hot dogs and that was just for lunch.  Dinner on the other hand was amazing.  They were grilling steak and ribs.  The ribs was good everyone had an amazing time.

Most of my days have been me reading books and working out on a day-to-day basis.  It’s good keep your mind sharp and body as well. Thank you for listening.  Have a wonderful day.   

Thank you for your blog, Remy.  I know that our student followers are interested in hearing about the special International Maritime Business that you are a part of.  Please share some of the things that you are learning from Captain Pandey.  He is a wealth of knowledge and experience.