Cadet Blog: 4/C Mary Boujoukos (MENG - Bridgewater, MA) 1-9-23


"Hello again, Voyage Followers - The last few days have been quite hectic for me. For starters, when we got underway yesterday, I was on Bridge Watch. It was really cool to see the entire base of the operation as we were leaving Buzzards Bay. My watch was 0800-1200, which means I was also on 2000-2400.

For my nighttime watch, I was rotating from Bridge Wing Lookout, to bow, to stern, to ship rounds. Standing outside on the Bridge Wing on watch was the coldest I've ever been in my life. Time passed so slowly, but looking at
the full moon reflecting off the water made it so worth it. Many cadets saw dolphins and even a whale between yesterday and today. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life.Today was quite ordinary, as I was back on ship's maintenance and primarily just did small things like picking up trash and clearing drains on the weather decks. Last I heard we were somewhere near North Carolina, which is crazy to think of how much progress we've made in a little over twenty-four hours.

We started hitting some good waves today, and it sounds like there's going to be more severe ones tomorrow. I can't lie, it's a lot of fun to feel and watch the way the ship rides the water. 

Until next time!  

TS Kennedy ship with bridge wings circled
Bridge Wings are narrow walkways on either side of the Bridge.  They extend out to the full width of the ship so that the Captain and crew members can have an optimum view of the maneuvering of the ship.  You can imagine that this would be a very chilly spot for Mary to stand during her nighttime watch.

Thank you for your blog, Mary!  I like how you always find something positive even in a challenging situation.  That is a great way to be.  You will get so much out of your Sea Term if you always look for the good.  

Keep up the great work!  We look forward to hearing from you again this week.