Cadet Blog: 4/C Mary Boujoukos (MENG - Bridgewater, MA) 1-24-23


Hello again-

We’re back on the water for roughly four days of sailing to Aruba. We just spent the last three days on our port call in Barbados! I had a really great time exploring Crane Beach and some other beaches. Trying local fresh foods and interacting with locals was a really cool part of the experience. I spent the two days I had off at the beach pretty much for the whole day and had a blast. I also got to see a couple of monkeys! Overall, it was super cool and very nice to have a break from our busy schedules when we’re onboard.

I’m back into my watch rotation now and will be until Wednesday. Every day from 0800-1200 and 2000-0000, I’ll be on watch. After that, I switch to maintenance and will be in Aruba!

Barbados beach
palm tree on the side of the road