Cadet Blog: 4/C Mary Boujoukos (MENG - Bridgewater, MA) 1-18-23


Hello again, followers - I’ve been on my training rotation on the ship, so I’ve been going to class every day. Today, I learned how to chart, which is a large part of ship navigation. It’s basically GPS by hand.

chart triangle
Often used in a combination of two, protractor triangles provide a method of plotting and performing chart work. Each triangle is inscribed with black markings. The protractor scale on the triangle helps with drawing a bearing line on a chart.  The 90° angle is helpful when determining lines of position. 

chart triangle
charting worksheet

also learned a bit about what the merchant marine is, crane signals, and firefighting. I have another day full of classes tomorrow.

Then, Friday we hit Barbados! I have liberty the first day so whenever we get cleared by customs I’ll be able to get off and go explore. Saturday I’m back on my watch rotation so I’ll be standing watch onboard from 0800-1200 and 2000-0000. It shouldn’t be too bad considering we’ll finally be in port.

Tomorrow we have a captains inspection of the hold, so all the members of the hold have to deep clean and be present and in uniform at the time of it.  I’m just most excited to finally be able to get off the ship and go explore! 

Thanks for your blog, Mary!  You've certainly learned a lot this week.

Good luck with your Captain's Inspection.  I wonder how many of our student followers could pass a Captain's Inspection of their bedroom at home.  

We can't wait to hear what you see and do in Barbados.  Have a great time!