Cadet Blog: 3/C Salvador Relle (MTRA - Belle Chasse, LA) 2-6-23


Hey, Followers –
So today I had watch and we departed St. Thomas and now on our way to Florida. The seas today were a little rough but nothing that the almighty TS Kennedy can't handle. My job on watch today was Quartermaster which logs everything that happens inside and outside the Bridge. For example, today for maintenance some other cadets on the ship were working inside the life boats and as Quartermaster I have to write down how many people went into the life boat and write down the number of people who came out.

I also kept track of the course changes that are being made throughout my watch period.

That is my day. I hope ya'll are enjoying the voyage.  Thank ya'll for sticking around. 

ship leaving harbor
salvador by ocean
salvador with friends

It is always great to hear from you!  I am glad that you pointed out how accountability is so important aboard the TS Kennedy.  The lifeboats was a perfect example.  One important lesson that you and your fellow cadets learn is how to keep everyone safe.  We always look forward to hearing from you.