Cadet Blog: 3/C McArthur Dannelly (MENG - Annapolis, MD) 1-106-23


Welcome back readers, sorry for the short blog today but sometimes life on the ship gets in the way. For the past four days I have had Engine Room watch. Everyday my shift was from 0715 to 1115, 1700 to 1730 and 1915 to 2315. During the time when I was not in the Engine Room, I took naps, relaxed outside, and used the cell service while we were anchored to catch up with the world.

military time chart and 24 hour clock
The cadets use military time when they identify when their watches start and stop.  If you were confused when McArthur mentioned 1700 and 1915, this chart may help clear things up.  Teachers, to find some great activities related to military time, click on Projects & Activities, then Mathematics.

During Engine Room watch we all have different jobs, and we switch jobs every shift. At the end of the four days I was ready to not have Engine Room watch the next morning. On Monday morning I had maintenance where I was tasked with cleaning oil up in the Engine Room. 

In the afternoon, we had our cookout outside and later in the evening we set sail for Barbados. Also, on Monday night while I was outside watching the stars there was a massive cruise ship we could see in the distance. On Tuesday through Thursday, I will be on maintenance. I will be back later in the week with another blog

Thanks for your blog, McArthur!  We always appreciate hearing from you, whether your blog is long or short.