Cadet Blog: 3/C Jay Desautels (MTRA - Rutland, MA) 1-2-23


“Good day, everyone -

My name is Jay E. Desautels.  I am a sophomore at Massachusetts Maritime Academy otherwise known as a third-class cadet or 3/C. I am embarking on my 2nd Sea Term.  I am incredibly excited to get underway and begin this adventure.

A little about me is I am a twin.  My twin sister is a sophomore in the Core of Cadets at Norwich University in Vermont. I come from a long family history of service. I aspire to continue this tradition of service to my country through the United States Navy following my graduation from the Academy. I love the ocean and the mountains. Some of my hobbies include surfing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, scuba diving, spearfishing, and much more, I have a deep love for nature and exploration which will make my future career of sailing the world's oceans a ton of fun. I am pursuing a degree in Marine Transportation and my license to be a Third Mate on any ship of any size. So far, I have loved my time here at the Academy and have made friends of a lifetime. 

After a long process of meticulous packing, I finally arrived on campus and began unloading my stuff onto the ship. I am in hold 323 Rack number 1. Though it's a tight space, the holds are a lot of fun.  The camaraderie created with those in the hold is unique. When I finished unpacking and made my rack (bed) I began to clean around the hold and get the rest of the hold ready for everyone else to arrive.

I got to campus earlier than others as I am a Hold Captain.  I will be in charge of keeping the hold clean and in order. I then greeted and assisted people coming into the hold and made sure all of their necessary things were working. For example, did they have a clean storage space under their racks, were their lockers working, and could they fit everything in?

storage area under rack
This is the storage area that Jay mentioned in his blog.   This is where the cadets store most of their clothing.  When he arrived in the hold, he made sure that all of the storage areas were clean and ready for his returning cadets.

Little Buc in storage area
Wait!  Is that Little Buc hiding in the storage area of a rack?  Perhaps he wanted to keep Jay company while he cleaned.

When everyone was situated, I went and got lunch,  then mustered above the Nav Lab with Division 2. Following muster, we had some free time so while others continued their work I read and took a brief nap. Then we had an Evacuation Drill at 1600 and following that I went and got dinner with my friends. Following dinner, I worked out in the gym, took a shower, and now I am going to spend some time with friends before I go to bed. 

Good night, Followers!”

Thanks for this great blog, Jay!  Congratulations on being a Hold Captain. I hope that you will continue to update all of us on the challenges and rewards of this position.  

Followers, a hold captain is the only leadership position that a 3/C cadet may apply for.  It was quite an honor for Jay to be chosen.  Even with this big responsibility, he has volunteered to be a blogger.  

Teachers, your students are welcome to send questions, blogging ideas, and positive comments to Jay via