Cadet Blog: 3/C Jacob Thorpe (MTRA - Woodland Park, CO) 2-16-23


Hello, everyone –

Last we talked was right before Fort Lauderdale. I know it’s been a second. So we pulled into Fort Lauderdale at 0800.  I was joined by Relle and Wilt as we watched the ship pull into the pier. After a short while we were allowed off the ship and walked to a store to get some snacks before going to the beach. We spent the day going up and down the strip while seeing the restaurants and different stores. I also had fun with Audrey, Jenny and Relle playing mini golf.

That night, we had a very difficult time trying to get back to the ship because the main gate was closed.

The second day I was on cleaning so I had to stay on the ship, but it was fun as we got to see all the alumni (people who graduated before us)
have fun at a party on the ship.

The next day we got off and headed back to the beach for a little then me and Jay, Relle headed to Topgolf to play around. 

top golf sign

After a few hours of fun, it was time to head back to the strip for some dinner. That night was also the Super Bowl so me and my friends headed back a little early to catch the game. Our cooks prepared some great food and everyone had a good time watching the game.

The next morning, I helped to untie the ship and we pulled out around 0800.  From there, it was out to sea where I was on Master At Arms, protecting the Mess Deck and ensuring sanitization.

The next day or today I am on compactor duty so basically everyone brings me the trash and I crush it and move it to the storage area.

trash compactor room sign

Soon we will be back at Taylors Point.  I just wanted to thank everyone so much for following along on this journey.

Jacob, thank you so much for your blog!  Students have enjoyed hearing from you throughout Sea Term.  We appreciate your effort.

Good luck with your exam!