Cadet Blog: 3/C Jacob Thorpe (MTRA - Woodland Park, CO) 2-10-23


Hello, everyone -

Last we talked I was leaving St Thomas about to do some watch. The first two days were relatively uneventful. We would just be on watch and have a few ships go buy here and there. However directly following our last watch we did a test.

The test was how fast can the ship go from going fast forward to fast backwards. This was a crazy test and the result had the ship shaking from how much the forces acting on the propeller where.

After that day I was on maintenance. So, for the last two days me and my group have been inspecting the ship’s over 80 fire stations each with its own hose and nozzle. We find the station and detach the hose and inspect its inside rings to make sure they are properly sealed and spin with ease. The fire stations are designed to cover everywhere on the ship so it’s taken us all the way from the top of the Bridge to the bottom of the Engine Room.

Tomorrow we are set to pull into Fort Lauderdale at 0800. So as always until then…

fire hose container
fire hose container
fire hose container

Thanks for your blog, Jacob!  As Sea Term 2023 begins to wind down, we appreciate your blogs more than ever.  

We're glad that you have checked all of these fire hoses.  

Your  fan club looks forward to hearing  from you.