Cadet Blog: 1/C Sam Wiggin (IMB - Mattapoisett, MA)


Good Evening -
Throughout the past week, the IMBU students have been able to get used to the life at sea. Although it may have been hard for them at first, I can confidently say that we are all enjoying it now. It has been very nice to put the phone down for a few days and socialize among the people around you. 

Every morning, the IMBU students meet to receive a lecture from Captain Pandey. We have discussed topics such as mooring techniques, oil pollution and prevention, weather, and anchoring. In the afternoons, the students adventure around the ship to discover new areas of interest. This has allowed the students to understand what the license major students do on a day-to-day basis.
On Friday, we are set to arrive in Puerto Rico to conduct anchoring drills. This gives the IMBU students the opportunity to observe this shipboard operation up close and personal. We will be observing both on the Bridge as well as down on the deck where it is taking place.

Although we are not getting off the ship this week, the IMBU students are very excited to arrive in Barbados to begin our field trips.