Below Deck: Seawater Helps To Keep Cadets Cool - And They Don't Even Need To Get Wet


Cadets aboard the TS Kennedy aren’t concerned about the humidity out on deck or the intense heat of the Engine Room.  They know that the moment that they step into their holds, the Mess Deck, or other interior areas of the ship, they’ll feel cool and comfortable.  That’s because the SMARDT Chiller is hard at work below deck.

The SMARDT Chiller cools filtered seawater.  That’s right, the ocean plays an important role in cooling off the ship.  Seawater is pumped through insulated pipes to all of the air handlers throughout the ship. 

ocean water

The cold water is used to produce cool air for the TS Kennedy’s air conditioning systems.  It’s much easier to pump cold water throughout the ship than cold air.

Thanks to its ultra-high efficiency motors with variable frequency drives, the SMARDT Chiller operates at low loads.  Rather than ball bearings, it uses magnetic bearings. This allows the SMARDT Chiller to run oil-free and with nearly zero friction, both of which increases efficiency. 


When sweaty cadets leave the deck or the Engine Room and step inside the TS Kennedy, they are thankful that the SMARDT Chiller is getting its job done.