Payment Methods



Massachusetts Maritime Academy does not mail paper bills home to students.  All billing information is communicated to the student through their Maritime email account and can be accessed through the Self Service Portal.



Your Profile

You will find your  name on the top left hand side of the Student Finance landing page.  Follow that link to set up electronic refunds, payment methods, additional users, set up text messaging options, etc.

Activity Detail

The activity detail section provides you with up to date account information, unlike the 'view statement' which provides a snapshot in time of your student account.

Payment Plans

Families may enroll in a Payment Plan to spread their semester charges over a period of time.  There is a $25 enrollment fee per term to participate in the payment plan.  The Fall Plan begins on July 15th and continues through November 15th. All fall charges must be paid in full by the last payment.  The Winter plan covers 2 months (December 15th and January 1st).  The Spring plans begins on January 1st and ends on May 1st.  the Summer plan covers 2 months (June 1 and July 1).

View Statement

This is where you can view your billing statement as of a certain date.  To view real time activity, see Activity Detail above.

Electronic refunds

There are many instances where a student may receive a refund from MMA (overpayment, excess financial aid, deposit refunds, etc.).  The easiest way to receive a refund is through electronic means.  We will deposit your refund directly into the bank account of your choice.  Receiving funds in this manner takes only a few days.  If you do not set up an electronic refund, you could wait up to 3 weeks before receiving a refund check.  We highly recommend that all students set up electronic refunds, even if you do not anticipate ever receiving one, just in case.

Additional Payers

If someone else, like a parent or other individual will be assisting you with the payment of your bill, it is highly recommended that you provide their contact information on this link.  They will receive their own log in credentials to be able to access and pay your bill.  Rather than logging in using the Self Service Portal, Authorized Users will log in using the Parent Payment Portal. They will also receive similar emails to the ones that you will receive whenever there is activity on your e-bill.  If you do not assign any Authorized Users, it is your responsibility to communicate billing amounts and deadlines to anyone assisting with paying your educational expenses.  If the parent needs to have their password reset, the only one who can do this is the student.

Saved Accounts

If you will be making payments from a personal savings or checking account you can enter the information in this section.