March 1
Priority for Financial Aid

March 16 OR April 20
Join us for Accepted Student Day. Call or Email Admissions to register for this event. 

May 1
Accept Offer
Register for Accuplacer, Uniform Fitting, and Class Registration

June 1

Health Services Forms Due

July 1
Final Transcripts Must Be Sent to Admissions
Athletic Health Forms Due (SportsWare)

July 15
Fall Bill 
DOT Drug Testing
Drug Testing Policy Acknowledgement
Image Release Form

August 17
Attend Orientation

August 30
Orientation Graduation

September 3
Freshman move-in (0700)
Academic Orientation

September 4
First day of Classes

October 6
Recognition Day


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Class of 2023

So you've been accepted. Now what? Below is a guide to assist you in preparing to become an enrolled cadet at MMA.

1. Apply for Financial Aid - Due by March 1st

To apply for financial aid, students must complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  Priority deadline for incoming students is March 1. The form can be found at

All students can monitor their financial aid status through the MMA self-service portal. You will receive information regarding how to access this portal via email shortly after you receive your acceptance packet from the Admissions Office.  In addition to viewing your application status, you can also submit missing documents, review/accept your financial aid award online, print your financial aid award letter, complete all necessary steps to finalize your award and view important information regarding your financial aid award.

If you have been awarded any outside scholarships be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office, either by reporting it under the ‘REPORT/VIEW OUTSIDE AWARDS’ link on the MMA self-service portal, or by sending written notification directly to the Financial Aid Office.

2. Accept your Offer of Admission - Due by May 1st

Mail back your acceptance form included in your acceptance packet, making sure to include the $400 enrollment fee. This not only holds your place in the class, but is the trigger for additional information – it allows other departments on campus to acknowledge you are an incoming student.

Pay Your Enrollment Fee

3. Prepare your Technology

MMA prides itself on its technology resources, all of which you will need to successfully transition to life as a cadet. You will receive an email with your account login information shortly after your acceptance, at which point you can access the Tech Prep page and complete your next steps:

  • Create your password

  • Set up your student email

  • Access the WebAdvisor and Self Service student portals

  • Set up a parent payment portal

  • Register for an Accuplacer examination

  • Sign up for emergency notifications

  • Access Blackboard, the Academy's learning management system

  • Complete your medical history

4. Schedule your Placement Testing and Uniform Fitting

Uniform fittings and fall course registration are scheduled in conjunction with the Accuplacer test. Complete this process early for more fall class scheduling options! Only deposited students will be able to register for classes. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of the student’s fitting or submission of a measure sheet to the bookstore. (This is subtracted from total amount). BY 5/11/19 all students must be fitted for their uniform. Failure to be fitted by this date will result in an additional $100 to the “SEABAG” 2019.

Students with learning disabilities who require special accommodations must contact the Disability Compliance Office and verify eligibility prior to the examination.

Login to Register

All admitted students complete the Mass Maritime's Accuplacer test, regardless of whether they have transfer credits or have taken a placement exam in the past at another institution. The test does not factor into the admission process. It is used to place admitted students into the appropriate Math and English courses. 

Students with learning disabilities who require special accommodations must contact the Disability Compliance Office and verify eligibility prior to the examination.

5a. Complete Your Medical Forms - Due by June 1st

All incoming cadets are required to submit their medical forms to Health Services no later than June 1st. Please Note: Physicals for athletes need to be performed within 6 months of the 1st practice for your chosen sport per NCAA requirements. Open and print documents according to your major type. 

Marine Engine or Transportation Majors    All Other Majors

Scan to or mail to:

Massachusetts Maritime Health Services

101 Academy Drive

Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Once you have been given your Maritime login credentials, you will be able to access the Health Portal.

Health Portal

5b. Enroll or Waive Health Insurance

According to Massachusetts State Law, all students must be covered by health insurance. If you are not covered by an outside insurance policy, you must purchase and enroll in the health plan available through MMA.

You are required to either enroll in University Health Plan through MMA or fill out a health insurance waiver if covered by an outside plan. This must be done each and every academic year. If you are covered by MassHealth, follow the link specific to MassHealth recipients when you fill out the waiver form. MassHealth will pay the premium for you to enroll in the University Health Plan Program through MMA. It is more cost effective for them to pay your premium and have you use the University Health Plan insurance than it is for you to use the MassHealth insurance.

Follow the link below to either enroll or waive the school sponsored insurance. If waiving, the charge on your bill will be removed once we receive confirmation that you filled out the waiver.

University Health Plans

6. Access your bill through WebAdvisor

Students access their electronic billing portal through the WebAdvisor main menu, login and select “view account and make payment”. You are not required to pay online, MMA still accepts payment by check or cash, however MMA does not mail paper statements. You will receive an email notification that a new bill is ready to view when your term statement is posted in late June / early July. Additionally, by following the link for authorized users, you can provide parent/guardian information so that they will receive notification of billing as it occurs and can attend to your bill on your behalf.

When viewing your bill, if you see that the health insurance fee has not been waived, and should be, please review Number 5 on this page.

7. Submit your Final Transcripts and Drug Testing

Not every lab is approved for DOT testing so be sure to check the list before paying to have a test done that will not be accepted.  The Academy requires a “Pre-employment” 5-panel DOT (USCG) drug screen for admission and re-admission.  The form should say: “FEDERAL DRUG TESTING CUSTODY AND CONTROL FORM” at the top, if it doesn’t have these words, it is the wrong test. Note: A photo ID is required when reporting to the test location.

Incoming Freshmen - Please make sure your final official high school transcript includes proof of graduation. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successful completion of all courses and certification of your high school graduation. If your performance declines significantly, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Have your AP and/or IB scores sent to the Registrar's Office to be awarded credit (if applicable).

Incoming Transfers - Be sure to send your final official college transcript. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successfully meeting the transfer standards. If final transcripts do not meet these standards, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Please note that only a grade of “C” or higher is considered for transfer.

8. Complete Student Services Materials

All incoming students are required to complete the following:

1. Complete the following forms prior to July 15th, 2019. These will be mailed directly to your @maritime email:

2. A Title IX interactive program, which will be emailed to your student email account this summer, must be completed prior to Orientation.  This program should be completed by the intended student only.

9. Varsity Intercollegiate Sport Participation

If you are interested in participating in a varsity intercollegiate sport, the NCAA mandates Student-Athletes adhere to the following requirements:
  • Obtain a Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) within 6 months of the 1st practice
    • Submit a copy of this form to Chris Barry (contact information below)
    • Fall sport athletes should obtain a PPE no earlier than March 1st
    • Spring sport athletes should obtain a PPE no earlier than April 1st,
      • April 1st coincides with non-traditional fall practices/tryouts

    • If you're unable to obtain an updated PPE due to insurance issues, contact Chris Barry

  • Complete the online Athletic Training medical information; this is in addition to Health Services info
    • Go to (SportsWare)
    • Click “Join SportsWare” and enter the School ID: MMABUCS
    • Fill in required information using your MARITIME EMAIL as your primary email
    • Upon being granted access to the site, complete all info marked with a red asterisk (*)
    • Your info will be reviewed and status manually updated
  • Complete a baseline concussion test administered by a member of the Athletic Training Staff
    • The test may be completed during a visit to campus by contacting Chris Barry
    • The test will also be administered during orientation
  • Provide your sickle cell trait status

10. Passport and TWIC Requirements for Deck & Engine Cadets

Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need a valid passport to be able to apply for their cadet credential as well as to participate in Sea Term I.   Students are highly encouraged to apply for a passport prior to reporting for Freshmen Orientation, so that they can go through the normal passport issuance process without incurring any fees for expediting.  

Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need a valid Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) able to apply for their cadet credential.  Students are encouraged to apply for a TWIC prior to reporting for Freshmen Orientation.  Please don't forget to check "Merchant Mariner" when asked for your profession.

How to get a TWIC

Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need to apply for their Merchant Mariner Cadet Credential (MMC) during the first semester of their freshman year.  Unless a student has already obtained or will need to obtain an MMC for work, we encourage students to wait and allow us to help guide them through this process. The Director of Mariner Credentialing will meet several times with students throughout the semester, as they complete the major milestones culminating in the mariner credential.  The MMC is NOT a requirement for ST I.

11. Attend Orientation

All incoming students, both spring and fall admits, are required to attend a two-week Orientation, which will begin on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 and conclude on Friday, August 30th, 2019.  The two week orientation will conclude on Friday, August 30th with the Marching Competition at 1830 in Clean Harbors Stadium to be followed by awards and the cadet candidate oath. The cadets will be dismissed at approximately 2100.  The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Public Safety officers will be assisting with traffic control and guiding visitors who require special access. Restrooms will be available in the gymnasium. Service animals are welcome, however for their comfort and safety pets are not allowed.

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