Admissions Requirements

BS in Marine Transportation


Academic Requirements

To be considered for admission to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, candidates must be capable of college-level study and meet the minimum requirements below:

  • 4 years of English

  • 4 years of Mathematics: Including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry or Trigonometry (or comparable coursework). At least one course must be completed during senior year.

  • 3 years of Science: At least three of these courses must include labs. Technology/Engineering courses must be designated as science courses (taken for science credit) by the high school. Courses in Chemistry and Physics are strongly recommended.

  • 2 years of Social Science: Including one course in United States History

  • 2 years of Foreign Language: Two sequential, one-year courses in either a classical or modern language 

    • A foreign language waiver may be given to students attending a vocational technical high school or those who have received a waiver from their high school.

  • 2 Elective Courses


Test Requirements

The submission of SAT or ACT scores will be optional for the 2023-2024 application cycle. Applicants for Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 will have the option to submit test scores or not. For more information, please review our Test Optional Policy.

If you choose to submit your standardized test scores, you must submit official test scores from either The College Board (SAT) or The ACT (ACT). When taking the exam, have your scores sent directly to the Academy. Please note, score requests can take between 2-4 weeks to be delivered and added to a student's application. 

Average SAT Score: 1050-1100* (SAT Code: 3515)
Average ACT Score: 22-23 (ACT Code: 1856)

*We will superscore your SAT scores.

Other MT Recommendations:
  • The average weighted GPA of incoming students is a 3.1 - or about a B average. This is not a minimum requirement, only an average.

  • As a STEM institution, counselors will be considering high school math/science performance. 

  • While any senior year math course will meet our course requirements, we would encourage students to take Pre-Calculus or Calculus, if available, in their senior year. These courses best align with the required math curriculum at the Academy.


Obtaining a license as a 3rd mate is a Coast Guard requirement for graduation from the Marine Transportation major. There are some medical conditions that prevent the Coast Guard from granting a medical certificate, which is needed to obtain a license. More information regarding disqualifying medical conditions can be found in the Merchant Mariner Medical Manual or by calling MMA Health Services or MMA Mariner Credentialing.)