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November 23-29 REV 2










The following on-campus and off-campus protocols are designed to keep everyone safe. Some of the protocols include but are not limited to:
  • Check-in medical screening.  
  • Wearing a proper-fitting surgical mask at all times.
  • Maintaining proper social distancing (6 feet or more)
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissues
  • Proper grooming
  • Wear clean clothes and bathe/shower daily.
  • Complete online symptom survey daily (before 0645)
  • Report to classes and labs on time with proper equipment (PPE), etc.
  • No commuters allowed in the dormitories, except the dining hall
  • No visitors allowed on campus at all, including family.
  • Cadets are not allowed to visit other cadets in their rooms and are required to remain in their designated company areas.
  • Designated foot traffic patterns to include ladder wells in the dorms must be followed
  • Enter and leave rooms/dorms through designated doors
  • There will be daily morning musters and modified morning formations
  • Meals
  • Observe the distance lines placed for queuing before entering the dining hall
  • Masks may be removed while eating, but must remain on entering and exiting the mess deck
  • Only four cadets to a table
  • You may return to your dorm room to eat - trash barrels will be in passageways for disposal of cups, plates, utensils, uneaten food
  • You may eat outside (weather permitting), or in the tent next to mess deck
  • Off-hour food delivery is "hands off" only
  • No vendor entry into dorms or off campus housing
  • Drop off at CIC only
  • Discard packaging at CIC
  • Sanitize hands before returning to room
  • If ordering food while living in off-campus housing, the food must be dropped off at the door step.
  • No deliveries to the Kennedy. Cadets living on the ship that wish to order good must have it delivered to CIC
  • Leave Your dorm window open, weather permitting, each day when you leave your room
  • The gyms and library will be open
  • Only 1 cadet at a time in the laundry rooms.
  • If you feel sick at MMA, stay in your room and call Health Services at (508)830-5048. If after hours, leave a message for Health Services and notify the ASDO via Public Safety. If at home, stay at home and contact your doctor
  • If you come into contact with someone who has or with someone who has reported having symptoms, contact MMA Heath Services ASAP.
  • Random Surveillance COVID Testing by our Health Services team will be required for all cadets

Please follow all established protocols, not only those established by the academy, but also protocols from the CDC and the State. Due to the insidious nature of this pandemic and our commitment to the Admiral’s directive to keep everyone (cadets, faculty and staff) safe, adherence to these protocols is mandatory - no infractions will be tolerated. 

Be advised that:
Any cadet that willfully and knowingly violates these protocols will not be allowed to stay in the dormitories/ship or off-campus housing because you are a danger to others. Violators will be sent home. If you are not willing or able to comply with these safety protocols- now is the time to opt out of staying in the dormitory/ship or off-campus housing. No refunds will be given to cadets sent home for violating these protocols.

Thank you. I am confident that if we all work on this together we will be successful. 

Best regards,
Edward J. Rozak
Captain, MMA
VP Student Services/Commandant of Cadets

Assimilation Phase II

Because of COVID 19, the on-campus (Phase I) Orientation experience has been reduced to approximately 6 days and renamed "Assimilation".  As a result, a portion of the training has been deferred to Phase II.  Phase II will consist of one mandatory fall weekend on campus per company, as health conditions allow.  The weekend activities will commence Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon with a cookout at the Herring Pond Sailing Center (health conditions and weather permitting).  A typical Phase II training weekend will include teambuilding, marching practice, uniform issue, classes, intramural activities and leadership development.
The weekend schedule is as follows:

September 18 - 20 2nd Company
September 25 - 27 4th & 6th Companies
October 02 - 04 1st & 3rd Companies
October 16 - 18 5th Company
October 23 - 25 7th Company

An “Orientation Graduation”-type event, in conjunction with Freshman Recognition, is tentatively scheduled for 01 November (health guidelines permitting).  Freshman company awards and individual awards will be presented at this event, to include the coveted “Admiral’s Cup”.

2020FA Update from Captain Rozak

Dear Cadets:

First, I hope this email finds you and your family safe and in good health during these very difficult and challenging times.  I don't have all the answers to the many of the questions being asked, but I want to share with you what I do know.  Top priority for us is and will always be the health and safety of our cadets, faculty, staff and our families.

We are all sick and tired of hearing about this virus but it is serious and everyone needs to work together to stay safe.  The only defense we currently have against this potentially deadly virus is to follow the current established medical and safety protocols.  We will be emailing the Academy protocols in the near future. At times it can seem overwhelming, but it boils down to common sense. Social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings, following established traffic patterns and reporting any illness ASAP, washing hands often etc. etc. 

Our plan is to return to the Academy in the fall, in person.  The academic schedule and delivery methods will be released soon.  Please keep in mind that in navigating through this pandemic, information/guidance from federal and state authorities changes often.  As a result, all plans at the Academy are subject to change.

Orientation 2020 is now called Cadet Assimilation Program because there have been many modifications, to include shortening the duration of on-campus training to one week with the second week on-line.  The Regimental Commander, CDR Kelleher, LCDR Pinero, Dr. Cukor and all departments on campus have worked very hard to put this program together.  Pre-Orientation will be 10 Aug - 15 Aug. C/C training for Battalion 2 runs 16 Aug - 22 Aug and 1st Battalion is 23 Aug - 29 Aug. We have a more detailed plan posted on our website.

Classes are scheduled to start Wednesday, 02 September.  We plan to have a staggered check-in to comply with health and safety protocols. 5co and 7co will report 30 Aug, 2co, 3co and 6co report 31 Aug. and 1co and 4co report 01 Sept.  We will send out more details because there will be staggered check in times within each company as well.  Cadets coming to MMA from foreign countries and from states outside of New England will have detailed reporting requirements and protocols emailed to you from our Health Service Department.

Chartwells will have full dining services within the mess deck plus two additional service areas within the dorm complex.  The main mess deck will be open with the same type of options that we had in the past.  Chartwells will be sending a video that will show you the traffic patterns in the mess deck and menu options. The mess deck capacity has been greatly reduced to comply with social distancing recommendations.  A tent will be added directly outside of the mess deck to accommodate additional seating.  We will have two "Grab and Go" stations: one in the fantail for grilled sandwiches and the other in the 2co 00 deck lounge for cold sandwiches and subs.  Chef Jim is planning weekly specials in the two "Grab and Go" areas.  We need a name for the 2co cold sandwich/sub “Grab and Go” station.  Any ideas?  Please submit your suggestions to Ms. Jones,

Cadets will be allowed to eat in their rooms and outside.  One refrigerator per room will be authorized regardless of class year or regimental standing.  We will place picnic tables outside of the Fantail and BayState for outdoor dining, weather permitting.  In addition, the Fantail will be open for socially-distanced seating.

Your academic schedule will have block type scheduling that will stagger the meals hours based on individual schedules. 

Dorms were de-densified; meaning we eliminated all triples in the dorms.  The net result is a decrease of 280 beds and all cadets being assigned to a “double”.  Mariners’ Inn has been de-densified and two of the buildings have been reserved for Health Services.   We are in the process of renting 50 rooms at the Hampton Inn to accommodate 100 cadets.  The Kennedy will not be used for housing this fall due to possible activation during hurricane season or use by another Academy.  The good news is we will have room for everyone to return.

The fall athletic program has been suspended. This decision was made by the Presidents of our State Colleges and Universities working together with the Athletic Directors.  This decision was based on the primary concern of each school – keeping the communities safe.

It is going to be a very challenging year.  Dom Vaccari and Cam Crosman have been extremely busy working with the Academy Action Teams to prepare for a fall return.  The Regiment provides the Academy with the confidence to return this fall and successfully live by the protocols. It's going to be a different way of life for the fall but I am sure that you have made some of these daily adjustments already. 

No one can predict an end date to all of this but I assure you that there will be one. If we are patient, follow the protocols set forth by the CDC, state and Health Services, and work together as a team, we will get to the other side of this pandemic.  Again, this email does not have all of the answers you are looking for but it is important to share what we know so far.  More information will come.

As my earlier email said, if you are concerned about residing on campus, specifically due to any underlying medical condition that places you at a higher risk of getting severe COVID-19 disease, please contact Health Services ( with documentation for your physician.  A medical waiver from Health Services, for those who qualify, may result in your enrollment in an on-line learning program this fall with limited or no access to campus or regimental commuter status for the term. The health waiver will be reevaluated as the health situation hopefully improves.  Documentation to support a health waiver for the fall 2020 term must be submitted by 01 August 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Company Officer or you can always call my office at 508.830.5047.

Please be thoughtful and careful about how you spend the last 2 weeks of summer before your report date.  Do all the local things, avoid travel and large gatherings, especially indoor ones.  The health of everyone on campus depends on each of us arriving healthy.  Hope to see you all in a few weeks.  

Stay safe, stay positive and GO BUCS.

Capt. Rozak

Making good ideas happen hand holding lightbulb
If you have an idea or suggestion, bring it to the SGA where ideas come to life!
Meetings are every Thursday at 0630 in Admirals Hall for voting members.  Everyone is welcome to join virtually.  See the SGA Calendar for the Google Meet link.

We look forward to working with the newly elected and appointed 2020-2021 Executive Board:

  • SGA President:  Cameron Crosman
  • SGA Vice President:  Sophia Blakely
  • SGA Secretary:  Brendan Bertone
  • SGA Treasurer:  Alex Barrachina
  • SGA Social Chair:  Joshua Fitzler
  • SGA Sea Term Rep:  Maeve Glancy
  • Student Trustee:  Anthony Petrillo
  • Regimental Commander:  Dominic Vaccari
  • Regimental Community Service Operation Officer:  Rachael McKeown

Link to the Calendar of Events: