Regimental Manual - printable

Printable Forms & Appendices

Letter of Promulgation


CHAPTER 1 Regimental Organization
CHAPTER 2 Orders to the Cadet Watch/Emergency Procedures
CHAPTER 3 Rules and Regulations
CHAPTER 4 Daily Routines and Formations
CHAPTER 5 Uniforms
CHAPTER 6 Cadet Rooms and Stowage
CHAPTER 7 Honor Company Competition and Individual Cadet Awards
CHAPTER 8 Customs, Traditions and Courtesies
CHAPTER 9 Cadet Leadership Training Procedures
CHAPTER 10 Cadet Orientation Program
CHAPTER 11 Cadet Services
CHAPTER 12 Educational Records Policies and Procedures



APPENDIX A     Honor Code

APPENDIX B     Student Alcoholic Beverage Policy

APPENDIX C     Hazing Policy

APPENDIX D     Sexual Harassment, Title IX, and CLERY Act

APPENDIX E     Sexual Violence

APPENDIX F     Fraternization

APPENDIX G     Chemical Testing Program

APPENDIX H     United States Coast Guard Policy on Drugs, Alcohol and Conduct

APPENDIX I     Bullying Policy

APPENDIX J     Campus Recycling Plan

APPENDIX K     Information Technology Policy

APPENDIX L     Care & Action for Students Team

APPENDIX M     Drug Free Workplace

APPENDIX N     Athletes on Watch Policy

APPENDIX O     Notification of Rights under FERPA for Postsecondary Institutions

APPENDIX P     Requirement of Transportation Workers identification Credentials (TWIC)

APPENDIX Q     Smoking/Tobacco/Non-Tobacco Use Policy

APPENDIX R     Policy on Transfer Student Regimental Standing

APPENDIX S     Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) Policy