Regimental Manual - Chapter 4 Daily Routines and Formations

4-100      General

4-200      Daily Routine

4-300      Formations

4-100 General

101 Responsibilities
A. The duties and responsibilities of a cadet are multi-faceted.  First, the role requires attendance at formations and ceremonies.  Secondly, it requires attendance at all assigned classes.  Thirdly, it demands proper attention and attendance at all assigned watches and duties.  Finally, it requires cadets to learn how to follow orders and then, during their tenure at the Academy, to develop leadership abilities.  (For more specific duties, broken down by class, refer to Chapter 10)
B. It is the responsibility of every cadet to be on time for every required function.
C. The practice of calling in to report an impending absence at a required post does not excuse one from his/her primary responsibility.  However, it may serve as a mitigating or extenuating circumstance, and cadets are encouraged to advise the Academy when they are unable to return on time.
It is the responsibility of every cadet to check the website for updates to the T.S. Kennedy POW and the Regimental Plan on the '' website and to check his/her MMA email and respond in kind.  Academy communications will be sent to cadet’s ‘’ email address.
E. Required reading - All cadets are responsible for reading and understanding:
     a. '' emails, Regimental Plan and Plan of the Week.
     b. The Regimental Manual and the Sea Term Manual (specifically for Sea Term).
     c. information passed down to watch standers and all watch standing orders.

102 Knowing the formal practices and ceremonies of U.S. flag vessels is important to every cadet.  As a result, daily routine and ceremonial occasions are established to simulate these situations.

4-200 Daily Routine - Campus 

Note:  Shipboard routine is published in the annual Sea Term Manual

201 The daily routine for weekdays (Monday through Friday) is as follows:
0530            Reveille: release from Night Call to Quarters (NCQ); standing lights turned off.
0530            Cleaning stations.
0600-0700   Morning meal available.
0700-0715   Company Time
0715            Morning Formation (Muster)
0725            Morning Formation and Colors (Step off).
0730            Watch change.
0800            Begin class day.
1600            End class day.  Commence all extracurricular activities.
1630-2000   Evening meal available.
Sunset         Evening colors.
1900            Cleaning stations.
2000-2200   Study hours - all quiet about the decks. All 4/C cadets must observe studey hours Mon-Thurs. MMA PT gear is authorized for study hours within the dorms. 4/C cadets must be in one of he following locations during study hours:
                       a. his/her own room.
                       b. library (LRC). Must sign in and out at the LRC.
                       c. another cadet's room for study group or assistance. Must have permission of his/her squad leader.
                       d. on watch
                       e. deck lounges for study group
2200          Taps - conducted daily by the company cadet leadership.
All 4/C and 3/C must be physically present in their rooms for taps. All 4/C must must remain within the dorms unless given authorization to depart from the dorms. Lights may remain on for studying after taps if approved by the squad leader.
* The above night schedule may be adjusted to accommodate night classes.

202 Liberty - Monday through Thursday
4th Class - No Liberty
3rd Class - Wednesday: Last Duty (LD) 2200.
2nd Class - Monday through Thursday LD-0200
1st Class - LD-0700
Friday liberty is established by the Regimental Commander. Weekend liberty for authorized cadets shall expire at 1800 on Sunday for 4/C and at 0700 on Monday for all other classes.

203 Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Routine is modified as follows:
0800          Colors.
0900-1230 Brunch (Saturday & Sunday).
Sunset       Evening Colors.
1700-1800 Evening Meal.
2200          Taps; NCQ.

204 Special Liberty Request
A. Procedures and guidelines to be followed by all cadets when applying for permission to be away from campus are as follows:
     1. “Special Liberty” is only intended to authorize absences from Regimental functions, such as morning formation, musters, inspections, etc.  It does not authorize absences from academic obligations, such as class, tests, make-up work, labs, etc.  The only exceptions are:
          a. “Emergency Special Liberty,” which must be authorized by the Commandant or Deputy Commandant and will be granted for only personal emergencies (death of immediate family member, etc.); 
          b. “Medical Special Liberty,” which must be authorized by the Director of Health Services or his/her designee and the Company Officer for health-related problems that require a cadet to be absent from Regimental activities.
All “Emergency” and “Medical” Special Liberty requests that are approved in accordance with the above procedures will be forwarded to the Registrar by the Commandant or Deputy Commandant as soon as practical.
B. Cadets wishing to be excused from academic responsibilities must make arrangements with their individual faculty members.  
C. Company Officers may grant “Special Liberty” for a period of time not to exceed twenty-four hours.  The Commandant or Deputy Commandant may grant special leave from Regimental duties for a period of time not to exceed forty-eight hours.  Requests for leave in excess of two days must be approved by the Academic Dean.  Non-emergency leave requests must be submitted to the Company Officer one (1) week in advance.  Duty assignments, extra duty and restriction will exclude eligibility.  
D. "Special Liberty" automatically expires once a cadet returns to campus.

4-300 Formation

301 Morning Formation
A. The Regiment will form up and march to the parade field daily.  The Regiment will muster in formation at 0720.  The Regiment will march on at 0725.
B. Formations will be held Monday through Friday, and attendance is mandatory for all classes.
C. All cadets will be in complete Uniform of the Day (UOD), and proper military decorum and grooming are required and expected at all formations.
D. Monday through Thursday, the Regiment of Cadets will form up as shown in Figure 4-2.  
E. On Fridays and during softball season, the Regiment of Cadets will form up as shown in Figure 4-3.
F. In case of inclement weather, CIC will pipe that the Regiment of Cadets will have Morning Formation indoors according to the following format:
     1. Cadets will muster in their respective companies with each deck mustering one below its deck of residence, e.g., the 01 deck musters on the 00 deck.
G. Cadets WILL NOT be dismissed from inclement weather Morning Formation until a pipe, authorized by the Regimental Commander or ASDO, is made dismissing all cadets from formation.

302 Other Formations
Throughout the academic year, cadets will be required to attend formations other than Morning Formations.  These formations include, but are not limited to, Homecoming March-on, Change of Command and National Maritime Day.  No Special Liberty will be allowed without the approval of the Commandant or Deputy Commandant of Cadets.  It is the cadets’ responsibility to ensure that they are available for these events. As directed by the Commandant, a regimental personnel inspection will be conducted every Friday at 0700.