Regimental Manual - Chapter 11 Cadet Services


11-100     General

11-200     The Commandant of Cadets' Staff

11-300     Residency

11-400     Insurance

11-500     The Student Health and Wellness Center

11-600     Student Health and Wellness Counseling

11-700     Disability Services

11-800     Financial Aid

11-900     Scholarships

11-1000    Career and Professional Services

11-1100    Mariner Credentialing

11-1200   Information Commons (Library)

11-1300   Mail

11-1400    Academy Bookstore/Clothing Store

11-1500    Food Service

11-1600    Religious Life

11-1700    Cadet Extracurricular Activities

11-1800    Selective Service and Military Affairs

11-1900    Office of Inclusive Excellence and International Programs

11-100 General

101 The Academy provides services to cadets to support the best learning climate possible under a military discipline and to guide the cadet toward optimum personal development. 

11-200 The Commandant of Cadets' Staff

201 The Commandant of Cadets’ Staff consists of the Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Assistant Title IX coordinator and seven Company Officers.  This Staff is responsible for teaching leadership, enforcing the rules and regulations of the Academy and overseeing the overall daily activities of the cadets.  Additionally, because all Company Officers are counselors, they assist cadets with the problems they may encounter on and off campus, sometimes by referral to appropriate offices on campus or to professionals within the community.

11-300 Residency 

301 Residency in an Academy dormitory is required of all Regimental students.  There are seven dormitories, each housing a Company of cadets, and Academy-leased off campus housing for approved First Class Cadets.

302 Each dormitory and off campus housing is supervised by a member of the Commandant's Staff with the assistance of cadet officer staff. All questions concerning residence should be directed to the Commandant's Office. Further information on residency policies can be found in Chapter 6 of this manual.

11-400 Insurance

401 Insurance for personal belongings:  Cadets are encouraged to carry insurance covering the loss or theft of money or property while residing in a residence hall.  Cadets should check with their parents to determine whether their parent’s Homeowner’s Policy will cover the cadet while at the Academy.  If not, riders may be attached to an existing policy.  The Academy is not responsible for loss or theft of money or personal property.

402 Health Insurance:  Within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all students enrolled in institutions of higher education are required to participate in a health insurance program.  All students are required to waive or enroll in the Academy's health insurance plan. the Commonwealth sponsored plan is for those who are not covered under an approved plan. If a student is currently enrolled in an approved private group or group insurance plan, the plan should be reviewed to ensure proper coverage. If the coverage meets the minimum standard, the Academy's health insurance plan can be waived. Visit University Health Plans ( to do so. Enrolling or declining the Academy insurance plan must be done annually, in addition to providing your health insurance information to the Health Services Department.

11-500 The Student Health and Wellness Center

501 The Student Health and Wellness Center is open weekdays from 0800-1630 and is located on the 00 decks of Fourth (Health Center) and Third (Wellness/Counseling Center) Companies.  The center offers a variety of medical services to the cadets, including urgent care, preventive medicine and general medicine.  Physical examinations and immunizations are offered for a fee.  When laboratory work and medical referrals are necessary, cadets will be responsible for payment through their health insurance.

502 If a cadet awakens feeling ill, he or she should report to the Academy Staff Duty Officer (ASDO) immediately, either in person or by phone (emails are not accepted).  The ASDO can then give the cadet permission to miss Morning Formation with instructions to report to the Student Health and Wellness Center promptly at 0800 for medical care.  

503 If recommendations for follow up are made by the medical staff, it is the responsibility of the cadet to follow through in a timely manner.  In the event of a referral to an off-campus provider, cadets are requested to bring all medical documentation to the Student Health and Wellness Center to insure continuity of care.

11-600 Student Counseling Center

601 The Student Health and Wellness Counseling Office is open weekdays from 0800-1600 (additional hours may be possible by appointment) and is located on the 00 deck in Third Company.  The office offers mental health counseling evaluations and consultation.  When referrals to area providers and/or agencies are necessary, cadets will be responsible for payment through their health insurance.  For more information, or to make an appointment, please stop by the office, call 508-830-5000 ext. 1480, or email

602  Education, prevention and advocacy are important components of counseling services.  These programs include:                            

  • Screenings for depression, alcohol use, domestic violence and eating disorders
  • QPR suicide prevention training
  • Stress management workshops

603 Professional standard of confidentiality are followed by all staff.  Information cannot be disclosed to anyone without a signed release of information by the cadet except in the instances of potential harm to self or others.

604 In the event that any situation is a life-threatening emergency, students are directed to get to the nearest emergency facility or dial 911.

11-700 Disability Services

701 Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Students may walk in or set up a specific appointment with the Director of Disability Compliance.  General information is available at the following link:

702 Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that values and respects the individual differences of students, employees and other members of the college community.  It is the goal of the AA/EEO office to help create an inclusive and welcoming campus environment that values the dignity of each person.  To that end, the AA/EEO office works collaboratively with all departments, including the student-run Multi-Cultural Club.  Anti-discrimination training and information is provided each year on campus.  For advice and conflict resolution for any MMA individual who feels he/she is a victim of discrimination, please contact the AA/EEO office, located on the 1st floor of the Harrington Building. 

11-800 Financial Aid

801 Federal, state and institutional financial aid is awarded to students after completion of an annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and an MMA Financial Aid Application.  Complete applications must be submitted by 01 May for returning students and 01 March for new students to be considered for any form of grant aid.

802 Need-based assistance is proportionately determined by the student's cost of attendance less his/her expected family contribution and resources.

803 Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to retain financial aid eligibility.  SAP standards are reviewed at the conclusion of the spring semester and upon re-entry to the Academy after a leave of absence.  Students who do not meet the minimum standards are not eligible to receive Title IV or state aid.  Students declined aid will be offered the opportunity to appeal their SAP status.

804 Freshmen scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Office based upon academic merit and college entry examinations; all incoming cadets are considered for these awards and do not require applications.  Upper class scholarships are awarded annually by the MMA Scholarship Committee under the direction of the Dean of Advancement.  An online application is published during the spring semester and is a prerequisite for consideration.

805 Federal work study is awarded to students with high need and is contingent on funding.  Students awarded work-study may select campus employment or community service work-study by completing a contract available in the Student Financial office.

806 Veteran's education benefits are processed through Student Financial Services.  Annual academic enrollment will be submitted to the Veteran’s Administration each August for students registered for the fall semester; otherwise students must contact the Student Financial Services and request certification once registered.

11-900 Scholarships

901 The Scholarship Committee meets annually during the spring semester to accept and review applications for presidential scholarships.  A specific listing of scholarship information can be obtained from the Scholarship Committee or online.  Application is open to all.

11-1000 Career and Professional Services

1001 Career and Professional Services are available for all cadets.  The Career and Professional Services Department offers a variety of services.  The office is located on the first floor of Kurz Hall; hours of operation are Monday – Friday 0800-1600.

1002 The following is a representative list of the services available: career counseling, career services presentations to student forums, administration of the cooperative education programs, resume writing workshops and individual assistance, cover letter workshops and career fairs, employer presentations on campus, job placement assistance to graduating seniors and summer employment opportunities.

11-1100 Mariner Credentialing

1101 The Mariner Credentialing Office works with cadets in licensed programs (Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering) regarding all licensing procedures and requirements. The office is located on the second floor of Harrington Hall, room 204B; hours of operation are Monday – Friday 0800-1600. The students' records in the areas of the required competencies are tracked and maintained to ensure that the license candidate can qualify to test for his/her third assistant engineer (engineering officer) or third mate (deck officer) exam administered by the USCG first class year in order to obtain their license as a merchant marine officer.

11-1200 Information Commons (Library)

1201 The Information Commons, located at the heart of the campus.  Hours are posted at: and on digital signage. The cadet dress code in the Information Commons is the uniform of the day (or MMA travel suit or MMA PT gear which may be worn to the CSS and Information Commons between 1900-2200). Civilian clothing si not permitted in the ABS.

1202 Services and resources found at the Information Commons include the IT Helpdesk, network printers, wireless access for mobile devices, a computer lab, internet-connected PCs, access to electronic databased and resources, access to print and online journals, access to e-books and online reference materials, quiet study and group study areas, and the Academy Archives. Staff is available to help cadets with IT or Library related questions at the Help Desk.

1203 At the Information Commons (3rd floor) students can get help with mathematics and science at the Learning Resource Center (LRC) as well as Academic Advising. For help with writing projects, the Writing Resource Center (WRC) is located on the 4th floor of the Information Commons. For more information visit:

11-1300 Mail

1301 The cadet mailroom is located on the 00 deck of Second Company.  Window Service is available 1200-1400 and after 1545, Monday through Friday; the mailroom is closed weekends and holidays.

1302 Mail should be addressed to:

Cadet (first name, last name)
101 Academy Drive
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532-3405

1303 Please advise all correspondents of your proper address.  Upon leaving the school temporarily, please advise the mail clerk that you are leaving and of your intention to return to the Academy.  Upon leaving the Academy permanently, please remember to forward your mail and have an accurate current address on file with the Academy. 

1304 Mail & Packages are issued only during the scheduled hours above. Cadets should check for mail on a regular basis because official documents such as jury duty notices will be sent to the Academy. For schedules that conflict with mail room hours, please call the mail clerk at 508-830-5084.

1305 There is a box outside the mailroom door for outgoing mail.  The mailroom clerk is available for the purchase of postage stamps or to check the weight of letters and packages to assure that adequate postage is affixed.

11-1400 Academy Bookstore/Clothing Store

1401 The Academy Store, operated by Follett Higher Education Group, is located on the main floor of Kurz Hall.

1402 The Academy Store is open daily to provide cadets with a wide variety of items, including: books, foods, uniforms, clothes, etc.  The Academy Store is open for the Homecoming football game, Sea Term departure/arrival and Admissions Open House and is the exclusive carrier of MMA memorabilia.   

Store Hours During School Year
Monday - Friday: 0800-1600   
Saturday: Special Occasions

Store Hours During Summer
Monday - Friday: 0900-1500
Saturday: Special Occastions    

11-1500 Food Services

1501 All cadets must take meals in the Academy Dining Hall.  No food or eating utensils are allowed outside the dining area.  The filling of personal containers is prohibited.  The complete Uniform of the Day is required for all cadets in the Dining Hall.  A Cadet Food Committee has been established to make recommendations to the food service company.

Monday - Friday
Breakfast: 0600 - 0900
Continental: 0900-1030
Lunch: 1030-1330
Dinner: 1630-2000

Brunch: 0900-1230
Dinner: 1700-1800

Brunch: 0900-1230
Dinner: 1700-1800

1502 The Razor's Edge, located adjacent to the Fantail, offers a quick alternative to the Academy Dining Hall.  MMA PT gear or Buc gear is authorized within the Razor's Edge.  Civilian clothes are not authorized.

Monday - Thursday: 0700-2000
Friday: 0700-1330    

11-1600 Religious Life

1601 The Reflection Room is located on the 00 deck of Fifth Company.  It provides cadets with a place to quietly think and reflect.  The Academy Chaplain’s mission is to support religious and spiritual needs of all cadets and students. All religious campus activities are to be coordinated through the Academy Chaplain. The churches within the Buzzards Bay community also welcome all cadets.

11-1700 Cadet Extracurricular Activities

1701 Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational process.  They foster self-development, team cooperation and spirit. They extend classroom experiences into relevant programs, which will improve leadership ability, enhance academic achievement and develop social skills.

1702 The Clean Harbors Athletic Center is open for students use from 0800-2200 Monday through Wednesday and 0800-2000 on Thursday and 0800-1800 on Friday during the fall and spring semesters.  The facility is open from 1200-1700 on weekends during the fall and spring semesters when not in use for varsity team practice or competition, scheduled intramural activities or official MMA club activities.  This schedule applies as well to Clean Harbors Stadium and the adjacent practice field.  Student groups wishing to schedule exclusive use of any indoor or outdoor athletic facility should request permission from the Athletic Staff Assistant. The Fitness Center features complete Olympic weight training and state-of-the-art aerobic equipment, and the schedule varies somewhat to accommodate scheduled intercollegiate contests.  Pool hours are posted each semester and are subject to availability of certified lifeguards.  

An additional fitness gym is located on the 00 deck of 2nd Company.  

1703 Organized intramural sports are offered each semester.  Students should contact their Company Intramural Officer (IMO) regarding sports offered and schedules.  Intramural sports offered include, but are not limited to, basketball, volleyball, water polo, indoor soccer, flag football and softball.  The annual intramural triathlon, The Peter Ryan Memorial, is run each spring in conjunction with Emery Rice Day.

1704 Massachusetts Maritime Academy athletics has developed a solid reputation within the following leagues:  Pilgrim Lacrosse League (Men’s Lacrosse), New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (Men’s and Women’s Sailing), New England Football Conference and New England Intercollegiate Rowing Association (Men’s and Women’s Crew).

1705 The Academy competes as a member of the Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference in the following varsity sports:                     

  • Baseball
  • Outdoor Track
  • Crew
  • Sailing
  • Cross Country
  • Vollyball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse

Further information about Intercollegiate Athletics may be obtained from the Department of Physical Training and Athletics located on the second deck of The Clean Harbor Athletic Center.

1706 Student Activities are coordinated by the Student Government Association. This student run organization sponsors the majority of out-of-class activities. These activities can take place on or off campus. The SGA Social Chairperson works in conjunction with the Social Chairperson of each class to arrange these events. The SGA sponsors events such as:​                      

  • Flash Events (unannounced surprise events on campus)
  • Subsidized admission to events and games
  • Dances and other social events
  • Cookouts
  • Emery Rice Day

The cadets of the SGA work together as a unit under the leadership of the SGA President and his/her team, and with the guidance of the SGA Advisor, to provide balanced and well-rounded programming for the Regiment of Cadets.

1706  Student Activities are coordinated by the Student Government Association. This student run organization sponsors the majority of out-of-class activities. These activities can take place on or off campus. The SGA Social Chairperson works in conjunction with the Social Chairperson of each class to arrange these events. The SGA sponsors events such as:​                      

  • Flash Events (unannounced surprise events on campus)
  • Subsidized admission to events and games
  • Dances and other social events
  • Cookouts
  • Emery Rice Day

The cadets of the SGA work together as a unit under the leadership of the SGA President and his/her team, and with the guidance of the SGA Advisor, to provide balanced and well-rounded programming for the Regiment of Cadets.

1707 Game Rooms and Recreational Areas are under the supervision of the Lounge Committee. Student Government funds are used to purchase and update various equipment, i.e. pool tables, ping-pong tables, gaming units, and maintain the SGA Lounge as a place for cadets to relax and unwind. Under the supervision of the Recreation Committee, outdoor equipment is made available for cadet use. Hockey nets and basketball hoops and balls are available for cadet use, as are kayaks. Immediately outside the dormitory complex are basketball and tennis courts as well as areas for other outdoor activities including saltwater fishing.

1708 The Academy maintains a Band, Honor Guard and Drill Teams which perform at ceremonial functions and events throughout the year.


11-1800 Selective Service and Military Affairs

1801 Any information concerning Veterans Educational Benefits can be obtained at Student Financial Services.

11-1900 Office of Inclusive Excellence and International Programs

1901 Aims to facilitate diversity and cultural competence among the campus community to enhance the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's mission and goals in welcoming and supporting all MMA cadets.
Service include:
A. Promoting cross-cultural awareness on campus - Offering ongoing training and educational opportunities related to diversity and inclusion for the campus community.
B. Supporting intercultural clubs and organizations - Showcasing our community's unique cultures and reinforcing diversity as a crucial component of the MMA experience.
C. Consultation - Working with individuals and departments to develop strategies for infusing diversity and inclusion into their practices.

1902 We recognize that there are unique concerns that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning communities face in their lives and on campus. We are committed to creating a safe environment that promotes respect and dignity for all members of the university community. Safe Harbor is a program where faculty and staff can voluntarily participate in training to become more knowledgeable about these issues. If you are seeking a trained Academy staff member who is especially sensitive to these issues and has designated their office or work space a Safe Harbor to be yourself or discuss LGBTQ issues, look for the Safe Harbor logo (an anchor with a rainbow circling it) on the door.

1903 Dedicated to providing international students and scholars with comprehensive advisory and support services and ensuring a smooth transition to the United States and a successful experience at MMA.
A. Monitors international cadets' (F-1 and J-1) arrival, employment, and academic and social adjustment at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
     a. All F-1 and J-1 cadets must report to the Office of Inclusive Excellence and International Programs as instructed each semester.

1904 The Office of Inclusive Excellence and International Programs is located on the 00 Deck in First Company.