Regimental Manual - Chapter 10 Cadet Post Orientation Program

10-100     General

10-200     Training for Fourth Class Cadets Requirements

10-300     Figures

10-100 General

Fourth Class Cadet Post Orientation Program


101 Rules of Conduct
The Rules of conduct are established in order to standardize the environment of the Fourth Class Cadets to accomplish the necessary functions and to instill in cadets self-discipline, obedience, and respect for authority.
A. General Rules: the following apply to all Fourth Class Cadets and are not specific to a location.
Fourth Class will do the following:
     1. Greet all officers.
     2. Spout when reporting to persons senior to them.
     3. Give way to all officers and upperclassmen when situations dictate.
     4. Observe seniority at all times while at or away from the Academy (Using facilities, boarding buses, planes, etc.).
     5. Be covered at all times and in the proper uniform when outside.
     6. Do not be outside their immediate platoon area except:
          a. when authorized by Platoon Commander,
          b. when reporting for duty,
          c. when returning from the mess deck.
     7. Carry garrison cap tucked under your belt (right side of buckle).
     8. Be uncovered at all times while inside buildings, unless bearing arms or on watch.
B. Reporting
Reporting to a person senior in rank is a military duty.  Fourth Class will report in a military manner with no show of emotion in his/her voice.  The following procedures apply:
     1. When reporting to any cadet room, say "4/C SMITH requesting permission to come aboard Sir/Ma'am."
     2. Always as "Permission to shove off, Sir/Ma'am" unless told to do so.
C. Addressing Others
     1. Sound off when addressing upperclassmen whether greeting them, reporting, or answering a question.
     2. Greet officers and civilians in a proper and courteous military manner without shouting.
     3. Do not use profanity, slang or abbreviations when in the presence of or conversing with officers or upperclassmen.
     4. Use only the following responses to an upperclassman: "Yes, Sir/Ma'am," "No, Sir/Ma'am" and "No excuse, Sir/Ma'am." In an extraordinary circumstance the Fourth Class Cadet may say "Sir/Ma'am, permission to make a statement, Sir/Ma'am".


10-200 Training for Fourth Class Cadets Requirements

201 All Fourth Class Cadets must adhere to the specific requirements as outlined in this section.
A. The following requirements will end at Recognition:
     1. Cadet Candidates shall not wear any type of jewelry, except for religious medallions.
     2. Cadet Candidates shall walk six inches from the starboard side of all walkways and corridors, except in academic buildings where they shall walk normally, giving way to staff officers, cadet officers and upper classmen.
     3. Cadet Candidates shall flank all corners by executing a left or right flanking movement.  This requirement and requirement #2 above are not in effect when escorting guests.
     4. Cadet Candidates shall be referred to as "Cadet Candidates," written as "C/C."
     5. Cadet Candidates shall refer to themselves in the third person as "This Cadet Candidate."
     6. Cadet Candidates shall use "MA"AM" or "SIR" at the beginning and at the end of their statement or questions when speaking to an upperclassman or staff officer.
     7. Cadet Candidates shall jog to and from any buildings on the campus or until they reach the red pole at the edge of the football field.
     8. Cadet Candidates may use the TV and recreation rooms on weekdays.
     9. Cadet Candidates shall not wear the Massachusetts Maritime Academy pins on the lapel of their Dress Blue uniform until the recognition ceremony.
     10. Punishment for infractions may be a set of ten (10) push-ups.
B. The following requirements will be in effect until the granting of class privileges at Freshman Recognition.
     1. Fourth Class Cadets shall stand at parade rest when reading a bulletin board.
     2. Fourth Class Cadets shall respect and avoid upper class territory, except when authorized official duty requires otherwise.
     3. Fourth Class Cadets shall refrain from using loud voices in the mess hall.
     4. Fourth Class Cadets shall carry with them at all times, except when in gym gear, "YOUNGIE GEAR" which consists of the following:
         a. flashlight
          b. jackknife (blade not to exceed 3.5")
          c. pen and paper
     5. Fourth Class Cadets shall be known as: "MISTER," "MISS," "YOUNGIE," "YOUNG MAN," "YOUNG WOMAN."
     6. Fourth Class Cadets shall address male upper class (1st class) and Staff Officers as "SIR" and female upper class cadets and staff officers as "MA"AM."
     7. Fourth Class Cadets shall stand at attention and sound off clearly, saying "4/C Cadet _______, SIR/MA'AM,"when ever addressing or being addressed by an upperclassman or staff officer.  This also applies whenever an upperclassman or staff officer enters a fourth class cadet's room or when a fourth class cadet enters the room or office of an upperclassman or staff officer.
     8. Fourth Class Cadets shall not talk while in section or company formation unless addressed by a cadet officer or staff officer.
     9. Fourth Class Cadets will remain in formation and will not be dismissed until upperclassmen have cleared the area.
     10. Fourth Class Cadets shall give way to all upperclassmen except in the ship's store or in the barber shop.
     11. Fourth Class Cadets shall have all buttons buttoned on all uniforms at all times except when in their rooms.
     12. Fourth Class Cadets shall answer telephones in the following manner: "Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Cadet __________ speaking,  May I help you?"  If the cadet wanted on the telephone cannot be reached, it is the responsibility of the Fourth Class Cadet answering the telephone to take and to deliver the message.
     13. Fourth Class Cadets shall be required, upon request, to offer their assistance in matters concerning the prepartion and clean-up of Academy functions, such as dances, tours, sports games, etc.
     14. Fourth Class Cadets will report five (5) minutes proper to all scheduled formations.
     15. Fourth Class Cadets will bid a good morning, afternoon or evening to all staff officers, cadet officers and first and second class cadets at all times.
     16. Fourth Class Cadets will recite the "Young Man's/Woman's Function" on request by a cadet officer, First Class Cadet, or Second Class Cadet.
     17. Fourth Class Cadets shall refrain from using the 00 Deck passageways in the dormitory and use outdoor walkways only.
     18. Fourth Class Cadets shall only us the rear entrance to the Harrington Building when entering or exiting.

202 Fourth Class Don'ts
All Fourth Class will avoid the following:
A. Use the center ladder well of 1st and 2nd Companies.
B. Use the forward ladder well of 3rd Company or the after ladder well of 4th, 5th, and 6th Companies.
C. Roam the passageways after taps.
D. Sit on anything other than a chair.
E. Walk on grass except when in a marching unit.

203 Conduct Requirements
A. Dormitories:  In the cadet dormitories and its annexes, Fourth Class Cadets will do the following:
     1. Keep room doors open at all times except after taps, during liberty hours, or when changing uniforms.
     2. Be at attention at all times except when in the head, Fantail, fourth class rooms, Academy store, barber shop and mess hall.
     3. When using ladderwells, ascend and descend one step at a time using the ladderwell designated for 4/C use.  Keep to the outside of all ladderwells.
     4. Make way for all officers and upper class cadets.
     5. Keep their rooms in inspection condition at all times.
     6. Be in the uniform of the day except when directed otherwise.
     7. Come to attention when his/her room is entered by an officer or upperclassman.  The first cadet to see the officer or upperclassman enter will sound off, "Attention on Deck."
     8. Avoid tobacco products of any kind (to include e-cigarettes) at all times while in uniform.
     9. Lock the door, close the windows and shut off all lights when vacating his/her room.
     10. May use the recreation rooms on weekends.
B. Academic Buildings: Fourth Class Cadets will do the following:
     1. Maintain proper military bearing and good posture.
     2. Make way for all officers, upperclassmen and instructors.
     3. Follow the prescribed procedures for marching between buildings.

204 Fourth Class (Youngie) Knowledge
A. "Youngie Knowledge" enlightens cadets as to the rules, traditions, regulations, customs and policies associated with Massachusetts Maritime Academy in particular and maritime-related industries in general.
B. The "Youngie Knowledge" will be contained in the booklet entitled "Chafing Gear" issued on the first day of orientation and on the "" website

205 Community Service Requirements
A. Fourth Class Cadets shall complete 10 hours of community service through an Academu approved event before the Change of Command, or advancing to 3C.
B. All community service must be approved by the Regimental Community Service Operations Officer. Any cadet requesting to complete hours done outside of Academy sponsored events must be cleared by the Company Officer designated to community service coordination, the Regimental Community Service Operations Officer, or the assistant to the Regimental Community Service Operations Officer not less than 48 hours in advance of the event in order for the hours to be counted. (A partial list of approved Community Service opportunities is available on the "" website)
C. All community service shall be accurately logged on a Community Service Completion Form and submitted to the designated Volunteer Coordinator Assistant (VCA) for her/his particular company.
D. Disciplinary action will be taken for all those who do not complete the required community service hours.

10-300 Figures

Community Service Completion Form - Printable

Figure 10-1 Community Service Completion Form

Application for Recognition as 4th CC - Printable