Regimental Commuter

The status of Regimental Commuter is reserved for a few instances where the mutual needs of the Academy and the cadet are best served by the student finding his/her own housing while the cadet remains a student and active member of the Regiment of Cadets.  Approval of Regimental Commuter status in not automatic or guaranteed.  An application for Regimental Commuter status must be submitted each semester, it is not "grandfathered."   Approval for one semester does not guarantee Regimental Commuter status from that point forward - qualifications must be met each semester. 

Application for Regimental Commuter status must be submitted by the end of the fall term for the spring and by the end of the spring term for the upcoming fall term.  Completed applications should be given to LT Deegan (3rd Company).  If approved, cadets will be notified approximately 30 days prior to the start of the semester.  All cadets should make arrangements, both financial and choosing a roommate, as if he / she is to be a dorm student until notified that Regimental Commuter status has been granted.

Questions should be directed to the Commandant of Cadets office.