inside a dorm room


It's a Lifestyle

Upon your entry into the academy, you are assigned to 1 of 7 companies. The cadets in your company are your shipmates that you can count on throughout your Academy career. These companies correspond with your residence hall and become your family away from home.

Living on campus is important to get the full effect of the maritime experience. Your Company becomes your home. Your shipmates become your family. Room and uniform inspections instill accountability and time management from the very beginning. Working together as a team helps everyone accomplish personal and regimental goals. Your day will start early but you can’t beat the sunrises over the canal! The dorms are co-ed, but your roommates and shared bathrooms will be with the same gender.

Mariner's Inn

Mariners Inn is off campus housing that is set aside for those who earn it. Don’t want to be hold a senior leadership position? Want to just concentrate on your studies? Mariners Inn is reserved for the cadets with the highest GPA’s and lowest amount of demerits. There is a large amount of trust and responsibility given to the cadets who are chosen to live at Mariners Inn. With it comes a little more freedom, larger suites, personal bathrooms, your own private gym, study areas and space for some outside grilling on the water. You will still have access to the campus, messdeck, full size gym and all other academy amenities.


USTS Kennedy

Planning on shipping out after you graduate? You have worked hard these past 3 years. You have gone on sea term, shipped out for Co-Ops, applied and were hand-picked for ship leadership positions your senior year. Now is the time to get used to what your life will be like in a few short months. The ship’s quarters are reserved for senior rates in the Engineering and Marine Transportation majors. You will be living in officers’ quarters rather than a 50 person hold. You will have a little more freedom but with that comes more responsibility and personal accountability. You will also still have access to the campus and all academy amenities.