Eating Well

dining on our campus

Maritime Dining is committed to serving healthy and nutritious options on campus to meet the needs of all guests. We are proud to be serving the community cuisines to nourish their mind and bodies.  From sourcing our ingredients to preparing our menus, we keep health and wellness at the forefront of everything we do. At Mass Maritime, we strive to serve all guests with their version of nutritious options. Our programing includes allergen friendly, vegan and vegetarian, superfoods, balanced options, and transparency.

cadets eating in the messdeck

Pande Dining Hall “Mess Deck” Options include:

  • Deli Bar, create your own customized sandwiches on fresh rolls and breads.  Our baker Juventino regularly makes fresh Portuguese rolls and fresh breads .
  • Grill Station featuring “fresh never frozen” hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese and a daily grill special along with french fries. 
  • “Top-Your-Own” Salad Bar as well as a variety of creative composed salads and two in-house made soups daily
  • Daily Pasta Bar with 2-3 sauce options.
  • Pizza Bar with a variety of pizzas along with calzone specials.  All pizza dough is made fresh in-house.  
  • “Build-Your-Own” Burrito Bar. 
  • “Cook to Order” Action Station with a daily special menu selection, 
  •  Stir Fry Station with a variety of protein choices, fresh vegetables and sauces. 
  • The My Pantry/Breakfast Station features a variety of cereals, bagels, english muffins, toast with a variety of toppings.  There are always the fixings available to “make your own” peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • and a changing concept station featuring smoothies, 
  • Our “Fueling Your Unique Lifestyle” (FYUL) Stations offers reduced Allergen and other healthy options to those cadets with special dietary needs.    
  • Desserts:  our fantastic Baker, Juventino is almost legendary as he makes a variety of fresh made options from cakes, pies, whoopie pies, macarons, brownies, homemade cookies and many more options.  There is always something sweet available.  Stop in on Friday morning for some of the best fresh made donuts that you will ever taste.  We offer Gifford’s famous ice cream from Maine along with a variety of toppings.
  • These are only some of our ever-changing stations and choices at Mass Maritime. 

The “Razor’s Edge” Grab and Go in the Fantail

  • This operation offers casual quick service options. 




  • Sustainable Seafood: Only sustainable seafood is offered on our menus. Endangered or even threatened species are not served.
  • Cage Free Shell Eggs: Chartwells is committed to taking a stand on animal welfare by offering HFAC certified cage free shell eggs.
  • Zero Trans Fats Oils: We use oils that contain zero trans fats.
  • Local Food Sourcing: By focusing on local purchasing, we are able to reduce the miles required for delivery vehicles to deliver our products
  • Restricted Antibiotics: Chartwells only serves chicken and turkey that has been produced with restricted use of antibiotics, especially as a growth additive in feed.
  • rBGH Free Milk: We serve fluid milk from cows that have been certified to be free of artificial growth hormones rBGH and rBST whenever possible.
  • Stop Food Waste: Stop Food Waste campaign is designed to increase the awareness of our guests and address concerns about the waste that is created and its cost impact. The campaign focuses on four key areas of waste: food, water, energy and packaging. Our Stop Food Waste campaign addresses ways that our staff and guests can reduce the amount of waste they produce by encouraging them to change their dining behaviors.
  • Waste Not: Waste Not is a food waste reduction program that is used by Chartwells to track, measure and reduce the amount of kitchen food waste in our facilities. It is designed to increase operational efficiencies and create awareness about reducing food waste and its environmental impact. This program has been extremely successful to date in reducing waste year over year.
  • Buying Local Products to Support Family Farms and More! Supporting the preservation of the American family farm, reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain, and giving back to the local communities are central to our core values. In collaboration with our partners at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, we seek to reduce our dependence on factory farming and to partner with qualified local and regional growers and develop relationships with local farms whenever possible. We define “local” as typically within a 250-mile radius of Mass Maritime.



We understand that having to worry about food restrictions in a different environment can add to the stress of both students and parents. Therefore, it is our goal to assist in making this transition as smooth as possible. We feel it is our responsibility to provide safe and appropriate meals for all students on campus when possible. To accommodate dietary needs, we are asking you to self-identify your food allergy or special dietary needs to one of our dining managers. By identifying yourself and your dietary needs we can address needs and communicate our efforts. Communication is the key to understanding and meeting your needs. We build relationships with our students and assist based on their needs. We'll set up a meeting with you and our Campus Chef. In the meeting, you'll discuss your special dietary needs, review menu items, and options available across campus. We want all students to have a successful dining experience and want to create true partnerships between dining and students. Please contact us if you are having trouble finding something that meets your needs and we will set up a meeting right away!



Food is at the heart of our culture. As culinarians, we pride ourselves on crafting customized, on-trend menus with local ingredients, authentic flavors and fresh produce. Our program is diverse, ensuring that when it comes to our menus and our offerings, no two days are ever alike. Our Teaching Kitchen Program allows us to provide students with a platform to connect with food and learn about wellness and ingredient quality in a hands-on, fun learning environment.


  • A full complement of food service professionals is available to you on your voyage at sea
  • Meal planning and options for those with dietary restrictions and allergies
  • A Host of special dining events: Helodeck cookouts, Cultural night and more
  • 24hr meal options are available
    • Breakfast
    • AM continental
    • Lunch
    • PM continental
    • Dinner
    • Overnight Deli and 12AM watch change meal