Master of Science in Maritime Business Management

The mission of the MSMB program is to produce highly skilled maritime business managers by providing graduates with the knowledge, and tools necessary to become creative problem solvers and thus to succeed in a variety of senior maritime business management and leadership positions.

Modeled after the Academy's two previous successful executive-formatted cohort-centered masters programs, the 31-credit, 10-course MSMB program is also presented one course at a time and each course runs for a six-week period. Classes are held every other weekend beginning Friday evening and ending Saturday afternoon. The MSMB classes are based at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Students will be housed at the Embassy Suites in Waltham, Massachusetts.  

These sites were specifically chosen in consideration of its convenience for students working in the Greater Boston area. With overnight accommodations included in the program, students essentially have a one-way commute from work to class and students get the full graduate experience while still maintaining their job and their social life.


  1. Economics of the Maritime Industry

  2. Maritime Law, Policy and Regulations

  3. Project Management in Maritime Business

  4. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  5. Financial Analytics

  6. Operations Management in Maritime Business

  7. Transportation Security Management

  8. Organizational Behavior

  9. Maritime Leadership and Risk Management

  10. Capstone Seminar in Maritime Business

The degree program culminates in a 4-credit capstone project. Throughout the curriculum, students will draw upon their education and experience to develop a capstone presentation specifically related to a maritime business management scenario.

To be considered for admission to the program, candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree and must be capable of graduate-level study. Admissions will be based on an overall evaluation of the prospective student's application. The program total 17-month cost includes tuition, fees, accommodations, meals, and books.

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