Marine Transportation Undergraduate Degree

The Marine Transportation major prepares students for careers as licensed ship's deck officers.  It also enables them to easily transfer into management and operations positions within the transportation, intermodal and petroleum industries.

Marine Transportation majors receive extensive theoretical education and practical training in navigation, seamanship, ship construction and design, and damage control. Students train on ship simulators as well as the Academy training's vessels. 

Four sea terms, including the opportunity to train aboard a commercial merchant ship, provide an excellent opportunity to learn the industry first-hand, establish contacts, and better prepare for graduation and licensing. 

Graduates must pass an examination conducted by the United States Coast Guard in order to qualify as Third Mate, Steam and Motor Vessels of unlimited tonnage on the oceans. Their licensure also requires satisfactorily completing STCW 2010 (under the Manila amendments) requirements. The ultimate goal is to prepare the student to eventually reach the level of Master, Oceans Unlimited.

Captain/Mate of ship carrying cargo worldwide
Captain/Mate aboard oil rig either dynamic or static
Captain/Mate of private yacht
Harbor Pilot
Tugboat Captain

ship line at cadets feet