Licensure and Certification Outcomes

National Licensure Outcomes

United States Coast Guard License Examinations are administered by Coast Guard officials to Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering majors during their final semester of study. Students in these majors must pass their respective licensure exams in order to graduate. Recent licensure exam outcomes can be found below:

Marine Engineering 

Marine Transportation


State Licensure Outcomes

Students who take EN-3214 Municipal Wastewater Treatment have the opportunity to take Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Certification exams. Students who pass can then apply to obtain a certified Massachusetts wastewater treatment plant operator (WWTPO) license. Students primarily take the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade 3 exam. MMA exam outcomes can be found below.

Wastewater Operators 


Certification Outcomes

Firefighting I/II training has been offered to MMA students who complete the Barnstable County Fire and Rescue Training Academy since 2016. Participation in the Training Academy is based on acceptance standards established in partnership between MMA and Barnstable County. At the completion of training, students can apply to take exams to earn firefighter I and firefighter II certification. Recent exam outcomes can be found below. Massachusetts fire service certification is administered by the Massachusetts Fire Training Council (MFTC).


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