Drug Testing

Random drug testing program

Once enrolled at the Academy, you are subject to the random drug testing program. A positive drug screen could result in separation from the Academy.

Submitting a DOT drug screen with a "negative" result is part of the Academy admissions process.  Providing a negative drug screen enables a prospective student to become part of the Academy's drug testing consortium, a USCG requirement.  Once a student is enrolled at the Academy, he/she is part of the random drug testing program.  Because the selection process is completely random, a student can be chosen several times in an academic year while others might be chosen only once.  A third party generates the random list of cadets tested on each test date.  Test results are typically released within 48 hours.  If a cadet tests "positive," the Medical Review Officer (MRO) attempts to contact the student.  If the student has a valid prescription for a medication that could produce a “positive” result for one of the substances on the panel, the MRO will release a "negative" result.  If the student is unable to provide a valid prescription, a "positive" result is returned.  A "positive" drug screen requires an investigation by the Academy and a Class I discipline board which can result in separation from the Academy.