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Maritime Business Management

Masters of Science

The Master of Science in Maritime Business Management (MSMB) is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to become creative problem solvers and thus to succeed in a variety of senior business, management, and leadership positions. The program emphasizes that good ideas are not enough and that implementation is what separates excellence from mediocrity in management and leadership. The MSMB program prepares students for executive leadership responsibilities in maritime business and supply chain management, in both the public and private sectors, by helping students develop technical expertise and a strategic mindset to improve the performance of the many facets of the complex global transportation systems--preparing them for careers in local, regional, or global maritime business and supply chain management.

The degree is offered in a 17-month executive format with 9 three-credit courses and one four-credit capstone course (total 31 credits).

*In response to the global pandemic COVID19, we have migrated to an online format. We will continue virtual format for the foreseeable future. 

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With 90% of global commerce moving via ship, and with other maritime-related sectors such as off-shore wind expanding, qualified maritime professional managers are needed to meet the ever increasing needs of the maritime industry and related enterprises.

The MSMBM’s curriculum balances core business management courses, such as financial analytics and organizational behavior, with specific maritime industry related topics, such as Maritime Law and Global supply chain management.


The MSMBM program includes a combination of:

  • Lectures;
  • Group discussions and exercises;
  • Case-study analysis;
  • Project research;
  • Group and individual presentations;
  • Table-top, workshop and other team-building and problem-solving exercises.  
  • Readings from textbooks, case studies, peer-reviewed articles, professional journals,  doctrinal manuals and emergency management-related hand books
  • Research papers on relevant topics and course readings;
  • Tests and examinations;
  • Book and maritime journal article reviews;
  • The MSMBM capstone seminar is designed to develop research, analytical, briefing and writing skills to assist students in identifying a maritime-related  problem in their organization, community or related to a global issue and developing sound recommendations.  The capstone seminar develops analytical competencies and written and oral communications skills, all critical for operating in any professional environment.  



  •  Maritime-based logistics and supply chain operations processes, tools, and best practices;
  • Skills to work effectively as an organizational manager and communicate and coordinate effectively with employees, service partners and customers in the maritime industry;
  • Legal and regulatory considerations impacting the maritime industry;
  • Risk assessment skills to Identify threats to maritime security and supply chains;
  • Fundamental financial management concepts central to the maritime industry in performing sound financial analysis and planning; 
  • Research, analytical and communications skills to formulate practical and implementable maritime-based organization strategies and plans to enhance maritime operations and better manage and mitigate risks and threats to maritime operations;
  • Skills and knowledge to create, coordinate and implement policies to assist enterprises and organizations in more effectively operating in the global market and complying with relevant maritime laws and regulations;
  • Appropriate maritime law and maritime-related human resource regulations and best practices in managing personnel in the maritime environment;