Diversity and Inclusion

making valuable contributions in a diverse and globally integrated world

As one campus community, we must come together to embrace diversity head-on. In striving for social justice, it is essential that we promote unity, equity, and inclusion in our effort to denounce racism and every form of discrimination in our society. By promoting civic engagement, advocacy, and awareness of key issues, we prepare our students, faculty, and staff to make valuable contributions in a diverse and globally integrated world.

Our efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across our campus community are supported by various roles and functions. The mission of the Office of Intercultural Engagement (OIE) is to support the efforts of faculty and staff in global learning experiences. Through implementing best practices in the field of international education, the OIE seeks to partner with academic departments to ensure the safety, accessibility, and quality of education abroad programs. By working together, we can serve the academy community to ensure cadets maximize their academic, personal, and intercultural engagement through global learning.

In striving for Inclusive Excellence, the Office of Intercultural Engagement provides the following programs and services:


The S.A.L.T Program provides comprehensive support services to assist students in graduating successfully. The program is designed to allow first-generation, Pell-eligible/recipient and/or students with learning differences to explore and engage their educational and personal goals within a learning community by offering academic coaching and mentoring.  

International students are a valued and celebrated part of our institution. The diverse backgrounds and new perspectives of our students from around the world are an asset to our campus community. The Office of Intercultural Engagement (OIE) is the hub for international student advising and support, including for F-1 and J-1 visa holders. Throughout your time at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, one-on-one advising is available to you for all items related to your visa status and cultural adjustment. Our doors are always open.

Education abroad and global learning are essential to cadet learning and the internationalization of our campus community. Experiential Learning, study abroad, and international co-ops all play a vital role in promoting intercultural awareness, global sensitivity, and job-readiness in a 21st century global workplace.

Through the vision and practice of inclusive excellence, the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) calls for higher education to address diversity, inclusion, and equity as critical to the well-being of democratic culture. Making excellence inclusive is thus an active process through which colleges and universities achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities. Likewise, enhancing inclusive excellence is directly in line with the objectives of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Equity Agenda . Inclusive excellence must become a priority in all aspects of Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  

Our Strategic Goal: To advance a common agenda for Inclusive Excellence that aligns institutional strategies with statewide initiatives to transform diversity, equity, and inclusion in every facet of the institution. The focus areas of this common agenda include recruitment & retention of faculty, staff, and students of color, a climate of inclusion, enhanced community engagement, and review of university infrastructure.

Throughout the semester, the Office of Intercultural Engagement offers spaces for students, faculty, and staff to come together in an “open dialogue format”. The goal is to discuss current events and issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society.

The Office of Intercultural Engagement will invest in a speaker series to bring more voices to campus for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff.

Safe Harbor is a campus-wide program  to promote inclusion and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community on campus. To do so requires the support and participation of students, staff, and faculty.