Board of Trustees

Standing Committees


Board Committee  Structure Academic Year 2021 - 2022
  • Jessica Waters – Madam Chair
  • Brian Connor – Vice Chair

Standing Committees
Audit & Governance                            
  • Thomann (Chair) 
  • Shores (Vice Chair) 
  • Panchley 
  • Turkington 
  • McMichen
  • Chalas (Chair) 
  • Panchley (Vice Chair) 
  • Park 
  • Thomann 
  • Wilkinson
Facilities & Finance                            
  • Turkington (Chair) 
  • Thomann (Vice Chair) 
  • Kane 
  • Wilkinson
  • Shores
Marine Operations                            
  • Wilkinson (Chair) 
  • McMichen (Vice Chair) 
  • Chalas 
  • Kane 
  • Park
Student Life                            
  • Panchley (Chair) 
  • Chalas (Vice Chair) 
  • Park 
  • Shores 
  • McMichen

Ad Hoc & Special Committees
  • Nominations: Seasonal
  • Compensation: Absorbed by A&G. 
  • President's Performance Review: Absorbed by A&G
  • By-Laws: Absorbed by A&G
  • Schooner Ernestina Morrissey: Absorbed by Marine Operations
  • Investment Review: Report filed May 2019. 
  • MMA BOT Chair and Vice Chair serves Ex-Officio on all Standing and Ad Hoc/Special Committees with vote, and counts towards a quorum. 
  • MMA President RADM McDonald serves Ex-Officio on all Standing and Ad Hoc/Special Committees without vote, and does not count towards a quorum. 
  • All Ad Hoc/Special Committees are formed by the BOT Chair and in accordance with BOT By Laws. 
  • Compensation Committee reports directly to the full BOT. Nominations, By Laws, and President's Performance Review, report to the full BOT through the Audit and Governance Standing Committee.