Meet the Band Operations Officer

1/C Charles Bragg hails from Norwood,Massachuestts, now serving in his fourth year with Band. Mr. Bragg is studying "Marine Engineering"

Meet the Band Staff

2/C Nick Wokanovicz from Monroe, Connecticut has been with the band for a year and in his first year serviing as Drum Major. Mr. Wokanovicz is in his third year of study in "Marine Transportation" and is the lead trumpeter and co-founding member of the Buccaneers Brass Band. 

2/C Sam Rice hails form Pembroke,MA. She is in her third year of study in the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection program at the Academy. She is an accomplished Trumpeter and gifted writer. You can see her writtings on her monthly cadet blog on the Academy web site.She has served as the Drum Major of the Pembroke High School Band. You can catch 2/C Rice on the water most summers working on the Captian John Boats.  

2/C Mike Panettieri hails from Centerport, New York. He is in his third year of study in the Marine Transportation program. He devotes his extracurrircular time to the Band program and the USCG Auxilary University Program (AUP) at the Academy. He has been playing trombone for over 10 years and has served as Drum Major of the Harborfields High School Band. During the summer you can find 2/C Panettieri working as a launch operator on Long Island ! He plans to ship out after graduation. 

Regimental Band & Chorus

regimental band marching in parade

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Regimental Band & Chorus is the Academy's premier musical organization. Led by Lieutenant Wayne Magee; the organization includes sixty musicians and four cadet staff officers. The Academy's Ceremonial Field Band performs music at academy and other special events. 7th Company's Music Division is led by Band Operations Officer, 1/C Alex Rudi (Westwood, MA) and the Ceremonial Field Band's Drum Major, 3/C Nick Wokanovicz (Monroe,CT)  the group’s varied duties include academy ceremonies  and formations, as well as changes of command, military retirement ceremonies and funerals at the Massachusetts National Cemetery. The ceremonial field band, also supports the Academy’s mission by providing music for community events around the New England, Middle Atlantic, and Southeast regions. The band is staffed by approximately sixty musicians who form the Ceremonial Field Band, Concert Band, and of the academy's various featured chamber ensembles. The size may vary from four in our newly established rock band, "On the Rocks"  to sixty pieces based on mission needs and availability. The Ceremonial Band (Field Band) typically provides support for more than 150 official ceremonies annually.

Music Ensembles:

  •  Regimental Ceremonial Field & Concert Band
  • "Stowaway String Band"- Bluegrass Band
  • Chamber Chorus
  • "First Watch"- Jazz & Contemporary Music Ensemble
  • "On the Rocks" - Rock Band 
  • "Buccaneers Brass Band" 

band instraments