What to Bring on Sea Term

Things to bring
  • Prescription medicines for 2 months to cover the whole sea term
  • Small bag with luggage lock to store meds
  • Up to date Epi-pen if prescribed (bring two)
  • Extra sets of contact lenses and glasses (easier to use in an emergency)
  • Sunscreen for port
  • Insect repellant (100% DEET) for port 
  • Over the counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, bismuth, decongestants, skin moisturizer, aloe, lip balm...)
  • Soap with plastic soap dish, shampoo, tooth paste, mouth guard/retainer if you have one
  • Baby powder / foot powder - you will sweat and want to avoid fungal infections
Things to do
  • Get a Flu Shot now  -  you do not want to be sick and miss sea term activities
    • It takes 2 weeks to develop immunity so the sooner you get it the better 
    • No prescription needed: go to any pharmacy (health insurance covers it)
  • Travel Insurance is provided by MMA at no additional expense for both sea term and the study abroad/remote experiences.
  • Dental check-up and treatment for any dental pain (very limited dental care on the ship)
  • 2nd Hep A vaccine if you have not already received it
  • Bring paperwork from Flu shot or Hep A vaccine to Health Services to verify into your medical record
  • Check with your phone carrier to avoid roaming charges in port, how to get an international plan, how to use free voice over internet apps like skype or viber
  • Inform your credit card company of your travel plans so your card does not get locked if you use it abroad
  • Talk with your doctor or us ahead of time for prevention methods if you are highly prone to motion sickness

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Health Services, 101 Academy Drive, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532  .  Phone: 508-830-5048  .  Fax: 508-830-6468