Things to Bring

Important Document you must bring with you:

Originals and photocopies of below

  • Passport with J-1 Visa
  • DS-2019
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Immunization records
  • Driver’s License or International Driver’s License.



Can be purchased after arrival. You will need enough to get you through the week without having laundry service.​

  • Dark Solid sweatshirt and pants - (no logos or insignia other than MMA / hoodies acceptable).   
  • White sneakers or mostly white and reasonably broken in.  Your sneakers will be worn for many physical activities.
  • Underwear - All Cadet Candidates must bring at least a one (1) week supply of white undergarments. White crew neck (round neck) undershirts are required for all Cadet Candidates, both male and female. V-neck or tank style undershirts are not authorized.  Underwear, white t-shirts and socks will NOT be washed during Orientation.  Only issued PT gear (blue shorts, blue shirts, gold shirts) will be washed for Cadet Candidates.
  • Socks- Bring at least 6 pairs of white “over-the-ankle” athletic socks. Socks will not be washed during Orientation, so please bring extra pairs. Also bring 6 pairs of cotton black dress socks.



These will be purchased at MMA and given at arrival:

  • MMA Polo (2)
  • Officer’s belt
  • Military style shoes
  • MMA Jacket
  • Garrison Cover
  • MMA Cap

Please send your American sizes for the items listed above.

Purchased off campus

  • Black pants
  • Black socks


These must be brought from your home institution (applies to classroom and dress uniforms)

  • Uniform cover (hat)
  • Long sleeve and short sleeve white button up shirt
  • Black belts
  • Black pants
  • Black military style shoes
  • Uniform jacket
  • White Dress Uniform

Purchase off campus

  • White undershirt
  • White undergarments to wear under your white shirts

Classroom Option:

The following items you will need because it is cold, but are optional and can be purchases at any store. Remember, you cannot wear anything over the uniform.

  • white or dark blue thermal long sleeves and black thermal pants
  • white short sleeve undershirts
  • Black gloves
  • Black ear muffs (will help during morning formation)

Work (if applicable)

For MT, ME & MSEP majors

  • Boiler suit (provided)
  • Hard hats (provided)
  • Work gloves, goggles & flashlight (provided)
  • Steel toe work boots (need to purchase)

Civilian Clothes

There are four distinct seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter). The weather often changes quickly and dramatically. The summers (June–September) can be hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 15° to 36°C (60° to 100°F). The winters (December–March) tend to be cold and wet with snowstorms, and temperatures ranging from -17° to 3°C (0° to 37°F). The Spring semester will be particularly cold in Massachusetts.

In the summer, light weight clothing is recommended but should include light or cotton sweaters and pants. In the fall and spring, medium-weight clothing including a raincoat, and/or a jacket should keep you comfortable. In winter, heavy woolen clothing such as pants and turtleneck sweaters is recommended. For outerwear in the winter, a heavy jacket or a woolen or down coat, hat or cap, gloves, and warm waterproof boots are essential.